From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support more than 1.6 billion users.

We do this by way of the Testlio Architecture: experienced people – enabled by technology – who do the heavy lifting to scale and manage your app testing with ease.

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Mobile App Testing

Testlio’s Android and iOS mobile testing professionals help clients earn 5-star reviews through flawless mobile experiences.


Functional Testing

Our experienced testers verify all functional requirements, so that you can release better products faster.


Localization Testing

Testlio’s network of testers satisfy customers around the world by testing user experiences optimized for every region.


Automated Testing

Testlio manages tests that are too critical, tedious, or complex for humans. With a continuous approach, executed alongside manual tests, automated testing provides a constant measure of quality – allowing more rapid release cycles.


Livestream Testing

Testlio’s dedicated clusters of testers monitor and test livestream broadcasts in all major media markets on all devices and operating systems.


Usability Testing

Usability revolves around the entire app-driven experience, so our usability testers uncover where the customer experience (CX) is not great both inside and outside of your app. We provide behavior-driven insights and recommendations to improve customer experience.


Exploratory Testing

Testlio’s structured exploratory testing approach taps into tester instincts to overcome the limitations of scripted testing.


Payments Testing

Testlio’s network validates app payment functionality on real devices to assure your app handles orders, calculates shipping, taxes, and other computations by country and language.


Location Testing

Testlio tests your location-aware apps to assure that geotargeted functionalities work regardless of network conditions or device and browser type.


Regression Testing

Testlio’s approach to regression testing means that you can rest secure knowing when your code changes adversely affect existing features.


Real-Device Testing

Testlio never simulates or emulates testing and only tests on real devices with coverage that includes any device or OS including mobile, web, desktop, wearables, cars, homes, stores, experiences – you name it, Testlio covers it.

Accessibility Testing

Testlio will test your app to ensure it’s accessible for all levels of hearing, visual and other abilities.

Voice Testing

Testlio tests your voice-enabled apps on any device, in 140+ languages, with native speakers, in over 100 countries.

Analytics Testing

Testlio’s experienced engagement managers create test plans to assure your important analytics are tested including API testing, logs, network calls, and ads served, among others.

The Testlio Difference

Work With the Best People

Testlio has deep domain expertise with 1.6 billion+ end-users touching our customers’ apps every month. We only hire the most experienced test leads who manage the global network of passionate and rigorously screened testers.

Enjoy A Transparent, Intuitive, and Scalable Platform

You have enough to manage already. Testlio’s people take on the heavy lifting and ensure every step of the testing process is managed through the Testlio software platform.

The platform is intuitive, visually appealing, and provides visibility into every step of the testing process – from testers, devices, and test cycles, to issues uncovered, to a chat forum where all conversations are captured. Actionable reporting alongside next-step input from engagement managers mean you spend your time producing world-class apps, not managing a vendor.

Ease of Onboarding

Sign on to Testlio’s all-in-one managed QA services platform and in record time you’ll have your account set up, test plans ready, team training completed, and all prep work required to conduct accurate, efficient, and effective app testing. Your dedicated project manager introduces you to the platform, secures a testing team, and guides the integration with your QA and software development applications already in use to report issues and connect with your team.

World-Class Customer Experiences

When apps must perform brilliantly, clients like American Express, CBS,, Microsoft, and The NBA turn to Testlio to ensure world-class customer experiences for more than 1 billion users.

Don’t let QA be the bottleneck within your continuous development process.

Testlio is the leader in managed app testing. We can help!

  • Take comfort in a managed services approach that taps into the experience of Testlio engagement managers and Testlio’s network of passionate testers.
  • Gain visibility into your testing environment by way of Testlio’s easy-to-use and transparent testing process management software.
  • Tap into Testlio’s magnitude of app testing capabilities to assure test coverage on any device, location, operating system, and nearly any global location.

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From leading brands to emerging companies, our clients support more than 1.5 billion users and are organizations of all sizes.

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