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Augmented reality and virtual reality have limitless potential to change how we interface with the world. Testlio’s AR/VR testing services make sure that your users are interacting, experiencing, or learning to your offering’s fullest potential.

A proven approach to AR
and VR testing

AR and VR products can be exciting and ground-breaking without being buggy. Our expert testers have you covered whether your customer is using an Oculus headset or their mobile device. We apply years of industry-leading experience to new problems and generate insights to help you build a better, more interactive digital world for your users—every time.

Cross-platform testing

Test across all devices to ensure a continuous experience across platforms – from VIVE to iPhone

Interactivity testing

Leverage our network of testers for multi-person, interactive feature testing

Usability testing

Ensure your user isn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed by their virtual experience

Hardware testing

Validate that your hardware serves its purpose. No problem is too big or too small – but the headset you’re using might be.

Networked testing

Users come for exciting new features, and stay for functionality. We make sure that your soaring innovations are grounded in user experience. Testlio provides the testing necessary for the next level of smooth, joyful– real.

Real devices

When working with the Oculus on another AR/VR platform, tests become harder to simulate accurately. We test on actual devices to ensure real-world quality.

Interactive teams

For interactive AR and VR experiences, we can spin-up connected, interactive teams all over the world to test quickly.

Actionable results

Our find-to-fix rate is 6x higher than our closest competitor. We don’t just find AR and VR bugs– we uncover the bugs that matter and outline a path to a better product.

Experienced analytics testing

Running ads in an AR/VR user flow can be disruptive. Our expert testers validate accurate ad delivery to the right user at the right time.

Easy onboarding

Our expert engagement managers get you up and running in no time.

AR/VR Testing Examples


This iOS retail app offers an online marketplace, connecting individual sellers to potential buyers. They facilitate the purchase and delivery of products. A user can browse, read reviews, and buy uniquely crafted goods at home.

They developed an augmented reality feature to take the customer online shopping experience to the next level. The AR feature allows users to simulate or visualize different pieces of wall-art and decorations in their homes. It projects images of the product through a phone-camera into real space so that users could be more confident in their choice at the point of purchase. Testing new AR features ensure a great customer experience.

Example AR/VR test scenarios include:

  • Testing on a variety of devices
  • Scanning usability and intuitiveness
  • Camera functionality and placement
  • True-to-size functionality
  • Optimal image for sellers to provide
  • Site placement optimization


A leading media company offers multi-sport streaming, score updates, and news as an Augmented Reality viewing experience through their app and website. Customers can simulate the stadium experience from their couch on a VR headset, desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet.

The offering includes a full 360-degree view of the stadium and fans from their simulated choice of seating (we recommend the stadium suite.)

Example AR/VR test scenarios include:

  • Testing the viewing experience on multiple devices like Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC VIVE, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest +, Link, and Windows Mixed Reality headsetsScanning usability and intuitiveness
  • Scanning usability and intuitiveness
  • On-field viewing positioning functionality
  • Data accuracy including advertising, rosters, schedules, and matchup stats
  • Optimal image for sellers to provide
  • Site placement optimization

Our clients

From leading brands to emerging companies, Testlio’s experienced people – enabled by technology, help you scale and manage your app testing with ease.

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