Create, run, and analyze automated tests in the platform or through third-party tool integrations.



  • Accelerate Testing

    Initiate automated test runs for mobile apps, web apps, and web browsers in the Testlio Platform or through your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Leverage Your Tech Stack

    Our industry-first partnerships with test automation Applitools, BrowserStack, Headspin, mabl, and Sauce Labs seamlessly provide test result signals to expert manual testers.

  • Broaden Coverage

    Expand device coverage with access to racked devices for automated tests through the AWS Device Farm alongside over 1,200 real devices in the Testlio Network.

  • Analyze Outcomes

    Leverage reports, screenshots, and videos to quickly take action on important issues or push to manual testers for further validation and recommendations.

  • Maximize Value

    Most clients get up to six device slots and 100 hours of automated testing processing time each month at no additional charge, with the opportunity to efficiently scale as needed.


  • Test Automation

    Import automated test scripts, select device parameters to configure the testing environment, and execute automated runs from within the Testlio Platform. Initial support for Selenium and Appium frameworks.

  • Fused Workflows

    Embrace fused testing. Push automated run results to human testing experts who can investigate, reproduce, and quickly offer actionable insights back to product and engineering teams.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    Pull in signals from supported test automation partners to the Testlio Platform for manual fallback and issue validation.

  • QE Profiles

    View vetted Quality Engineers available on-demand to script, run, and maintain automated tests. Filter in-depth Profiles to pinpoint freelancers with the verified skills you need.

  • Actionable Insights

    Automated test results are captured through detailed reports, screenshots, and videos to provide full context.

  • Utilization Reports

    Gain a holistic view into your testing utilization and purchase additional automated processing hours, QE time, and manual testing time separately.