The access point to our expert freelancer Network.


  • Find the Right Talent

  • Extend Your Team

    Humans power networked testing.  Profiles show you the people behind your program, displaying their testing credentials, location, accessible devices, and more.

  • Tailor Each Run

    Profiles provide a holistic view of an individual including their skills, interest, capacity, and more. Compiling a team of people for any software testing job has never been easier.


  • Skills

    Profiles display verified automation and testing skills as well as secondary skills, allowing groups to be created from precisely the right mix of freelancers.

  • Certifications

    Testlio’s certification system validates the skills of our freelancers to make sure they meet and exceed the desired test requirements.

  • Devices

    A comprehensive device overview makes it easy to find the person with the right device configuration for the job.

  • Integrated

  • Secure

    Both our freelancers as well as clients’ data is protected — we only share data that is required for the job.