Social Impact

At Testlio, we are focusing our social impact efforts on five of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, and continue to increase various social impact commitments related to them. Our social impact strategy prioritizes direct and deliberate activities, projects, programs, or policies that positively affect people across the world.

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Now in its third year, Testlio Ignite is a unique program that provides education and resources to people who have faced significant life challenges. Each class, consisting of 10-12 individuals, gains all of the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to begin a career in software testing.

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Crisis Aid

Grant program

To be eligible, you need to have worked with Testlio as a freelancer for at least five hours for each of the last three months and complete a short application.



We are conscious of our responsibility to help protect the Earth. This means both to sustain its environment for our descendants and to rehabilitate previous damage.

Carbon offsets


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Well-being stipend

Testlio offers its full-time people a quarterly well-being stipend that can be used for a variety of care, including physical exercise, mindfulness, biometrics, psychology, supplements, and more.



Human Rights

Relocation Assistance

In moments of severe humanitarian need, Testlio steps in to help employees and contractors move to safer places, temporarily or permanently.