Testlio Methodologies


Automated testing

Burstable testing

Testlio fine-tunes testing capacity through on-demand automation and elastic testing teams. Testers mobilize to meet testing requirements, then go dormant, ensuring flexible and responsive resources that can be quickly activated or deactivated based on demand. This burstable and value-driven approach means you don’t pay for idle personnel without sacrificing coverage.

Collective testing

Collective testing reimagines traditional test team organization, bringing together your employees, Testlio Services personnel, and Testlio Network freelancers in short, collaborative windows for efficient and effective results.

Crowdsourced testing

Testlio’s managed crowdsourced testing combines professional services, a global network of pro-level testers, and best-in-class testing software, providing flexible and on-demand access to a diverse pool of testers. Catch show-stopper issues on various devices and platforms, improve product quality, and reduce testing costs and time-to-market.

Outsourced testing

Testlio’s outsourced software testing leverages part-time and full-time resources to play essential roles such as QA Manager, Quality Engineer, Test Lead, and Tester. Clients outsource testing to augment in-house teams or outsource the entire process, ensuring high-quality software products.

Manual testing

Testlio views manual testing is a QA method in which human testers evaluate an application, module, API, or feature without using automated tools. Manual software testing identifies potential bugs or discrepancies by comparing the developed code’s behavior to its expected behavior.

Nearshore testing

Nearshore testing matches part-time and full-time resources from countries that are close in proximity and share similar or overlapping time zones. This approach to outsourcing reduces costs while maintaining effective communication and collaboration. Using nearshore services can also help overcome issues such as cultural barriers, language differences, and regulatory compliance.

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