Join Testlio’s unrivalled freelance community of over 10 000 TestLions who are passionate about software testing.

How we work

We’re a network of certified experts from over 150 countries across the world, testing at any time, anywhere, in any language. Our compensation model is designed to reward the best testers. We pay above the market rate by the hour, not by the bug, every week.


We have three key roles within the Freelance Network: testers who are the force powering every run; Test Leads who provide round-the-clock support to workspaces, from formulating plans to providing a vital link between clients and testers; and Quality Engineers who are automation experts supporting fused testing by scripting, running, analyzing, and maintaining automated tests.

“Working for Testlio is way different than your regular office job – it’s exciting and challenging at the same time! I never get bored and I feel that I grow with every cycle I attend. Also, I really appreciate that the whole community is always responsive and helpful. ”

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