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Software testing companies compared

Selecting the right software testing company to partner with is a critical decision. You’re entrusting them with the quality of your product and committing to a relationship that should deliver on multiple levels, from strategy to execution to customer support and beyond. If you are wondering if Testlio is the right QA partner for you, this page will help you make a more confident decision!

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The comparison

To offer a clear and unbiased comparison between Testlio and its competitors, we leveraged objective third-party data and reviews from G2, and evaluated the companies performance across various criteria. This includes factors such as their ratings as a good partner to do business with, quality of support, ability to fulfill client requirements and needs, ease of use, and more.

Here is what the numbers say

Testlio scores higher in every factor, and is voted the #1 partner to do business with.

Good partner in doing business

Let’s break it down

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Good partner in doing business

At Testlio, we approach partnerships with a mindset of guidance, positioning ourselves as your quality gate and trusted advisor during critical moments. Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs and tailor testing services to provide you with the coverage and team structure that works best for you. Our customers summarized their experience:

“Testlio is an extension of our QA team. They integrate well and care about understanding the product and culture of each team to provide the best testing experience.”

Ease of use

Clients who have worked with Testlio describe their experience as “easy” and “intuitive,” thanks to our user-friendly platform. The platform’s UI has been praised for being “pretty nice,” and our ability to integrate with clients’ DevOps stack in a seamless way has been a major plus.

“Testlio has been a perfect partner for us; they have made it very easy to incorporate a third party within our process.” 

“The bugs are presented on a dashboard for me to review. They always include a video to show to reproduce the bug and their system plugs into our GitHub account. Since I review all the bugs in the Testlio portal before they are imported into GitHub, our engineers don’t waste time considering things that I don’t feel are high priority or are functioning as designed. As we close the bugs in GitHub, they are closed in Testlio’s portal as well.”

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Quality of support

Our customer support starts with a dedicated account team for each client, quarterly business reviews to discuss progress and KPIs, and ongoing check-ins through NPS surveys and open feedback loops. Additionally, we assign an executive sponsor from our leadership team to every partnership, who in conjunction with our Centers of Excellence, ensure that we are not only delivering on your testing needs but also providing you with strategic guidance and a good ROI.

Client reviews like: “They always treat us like we’re their top customer.”  and  “They truly aim to keep their customers happy and are always looking for ways they can improve the service they offer you.” showcase the quality of Testlio’s customer support.

“They attend our grooming meetings and have accepted and adapted to feedback with open arms. This type of partnership is crucial as we are a continuous improvement shop and a growing company.”

Meets requirements

Our impressive score of 9.2 for meeting requirements is a direct result of our comprehensive and flexible solutions that cover manual testing, test automation, and fused testing. Testlio’s extensive coverage, along with its dynamic staffing model, can assure product quality on 600K+ real devices, in 100+ languages, or via 400+ payment methods. 

“Testlio has excellent testers world-wide. They’re experienced with multiple industries and can do a wide variety of tests. They understand the system they’re testing very quickly and produce their own test scripts.” 

“Testlio works like a test organization integrated directly into our team and standups at a fraction of the cost of hiring a test team. Furthermore, it scales as we need more testing resources and shrinks back down when we don’t. We’ve found them to be flexible and capable of keeping the quality of our application high.”

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Product direction

Testlio is constantly innovating to lead the way in modern QA practices. Integrating GenAI testing tools and systems into key workflows within our platform, originating Fused Software Testing to bring together automated and manual testing, and creating standardized frameworks for test automation are just a few examples of the product progress and direction at Testlio. 

“The best possible external testing solution you could find!”

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*The “others” data features the average score of the key seven software testing companies that Testlio competes with. Please contact us for more information.