Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Testlio is a people business, and we believe that advancing workplace diversity, equity and inclusion is more important today than ever before. Our people – our internal full-time and part-time team members, and our freelance network – are truly our biggest asset.

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Foster Inclusion

Establishing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives raises awareness when it comes to staffing projects, hiring and developing talent, giving feedback, and so much more.

That is why Testlio values and strives for diversity in all forms, visible and not. We pursue equity, through our company practices, people experiences, and social impact programs. The detailed commitments are outlined below.

Inclusion is something we all can bring to life when interacting with each other. By taking specific commitments and defining clear ownership we can improve the diversity at Testlio and achieve a higher sense of belonging for our current and future TestLions.

Our Commitments

The commitments can be summarized to a mission statement.

We enable human possibilities by being fully committed to fostering inclusion. Our people, values and culture guide us to be diverse and equitable. We learn from our experiences while fulfilling our commitments.

The following four statements are our long-term goals that we commit to strive for. They anchor our various DEI related priorities, activities and initiatives. We focus on being a company that reflects and empowers our diverse society.

1. Increasing representation in our workforce and reporting on the progress

We care to understand, measure and manage ways to increase the representation and participation of diverse and underrepresented groups in our workforce. For that we collect relevant data to measure the state of our workforce diversity to track trends over time and identify areas of concern. With that we can also make data-based decisions.

2. Building awareness and embracing differences

We want our people to be aware and accepting of the benefits diversity can bring. This starts with knowing your own biases since we come from vastly different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We equip our staff with knowledge and tools to build an inclusive and equitable workplace. We share our knowledge and efforts internally and externally. Building collective awareness is a must to became more inclusive.

3. Developing a diverse talent pool and candidate pipeline

Building a diverse workforce begins at hiring. As a global company, people of all backgrounds should see themselves as potential future TestLions. With greater awareness of biases, hiring teams can become less reliant on shortcuts that limit better judgment. We strive to hire people who not only fit, but add to our culture.

4. Engaging communities and creating opportunities

We strive to offer an environment where people can find support in their career and personal development. We create safe spaces where people can be their whole selves. By giving back to society and collaborating with external partners, we can use our resources and knowledge to meet culturally-relevant needs and support communities.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Data

In alignment with our first commitment, we report on our progress by sharing our diversity data publicly. To do that, we run a diversity and identity survey each year. Here are the latest results.



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People with Disabilities




Asian (incl. Indian)






Middle Eastern or North African