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Plans Module

Organize your testing strategies and workstreams.


  • Nimble

    Testlio Plans is built on a modern, clean, fluid UI/UX.

  • Integrated

    The Plans module works seamlessly with other modules (Tests, Runs, Issues, etc.); it can logically be aligned with epics, stories, and other agile concepts (and management systems like JIRA).

  • Free

    Unlike other legacy software systems, the Testlio Plans module, along with the entire platform, is 100% free for Testlio clients.

  • Intuitive

    Easy to organize, from one-time events to regularly repeated massive exercises.


  • Definable

    Work can be structured by operating system, hardware, testing type, time, location, and other concepts.

  • Repeatable

    Plans are easy to track, organize, edit, branch, reuse and archive.

  • Dynamic

    While Plans can be manually and bulk added, they can be constructed automatically by using filters and labels to define what tests should be pulled into the plan. These plans are continuously changing when you update test data that match the criteria.

  • Import/Export

    You own all of your plan data. Testlio can ingest and convert from other systems. You can export at any time.