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Reports Module

Insights-driven testing starts here.


  • Illumination

    Everything in Testlio is traceable and transparent. Unlike some crowdtesting companies, freelance Network activities are clearly reported. Important data is accessible and enlightening.

  • Assurance

    With Testlio reports, you can rest assured that important tests, plans, and runs were executed—exactly at the right times, in the right locations, on the right devices.

  • Experimentation

    With all of your testing data in a single location, you can try different approaches, rhythms, spreads, and cadences.

  • Concentration

    Testlio Reports equip you to focus your testing energy in areas that have the potential for high return. You can tune different approaches (e.g. exploratory vs functional testing) in a myriad of ways, ensuring that you have an optimal return on your QA and testing investments.


  • Mindmap

    Visual articulation of issue heat maps for rapid insights.

  • Issues

    Understand trends, severity, and more.

  • Passes

    Quickly glean pass/fail rates by multiple factors (including Runs).

  • Coverage

    Understand and experiment with locations, languages, devices, OSes, etc.

  • Productivity

    Learn who is reporting issues—and when testing is most efficient.

  • Email

    Automated end reporting provides email summaries after each test Run.

  • QBRs

    Standard for your Testlio partnership is a quarterly business review.

  • Bespoke

    The Testlio Services team can create and deliver custom reports.