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Tests Module

Manage all of your test cases in one location.


  • Modern

    With a version 3.0 UI/UX designed in 2020, Testlio outperforms legacy systems.

  • Comprehensive

    Usable for iOS, Android, Web, OTT and other application types.

  • Assignable

    Tests can easily be assigned to your employees, the Testlio freelance Network, and/or team combinations.

  • Free

    Unlike other standalone software systems, the Testlio Tests module, along with the entire platform, is 100% free for Testlio clients.


  • Types

    Multiple test types are easy to initiate via structured templates.

  • Time

    Assigned times and dates are flexible and intuitive.

  • Attachments

    Graphics, photos, videos, audio files, etc. can be included with each step (and submitted with test results).

  • Edits

    Modifying, duplicating, archiving, sorting, ordering, filtering, labeling, embedding, and more.

  • Links

    Tests can easily be connected to Plans, Runs, and Issues.

  • Import/Export

    You own all of your plan data. Testlio can ingest and convert from other systems. You can export at any time.