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Proactively validate data accuracy to protect revenue and make informed programming decisions with analytics testing.

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Why validate data integrity?

Data tells the story of user behavior and interactions with content, advertising, programming, and products. Analytics software testing confirms that this underlying user activity data is accurate.

User Experience

Test to uncover errors and failures that impact the user experience.

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Audience Growth

Prioritize initiatives that appeal to target demographics, boost Nielsen ratings, and protect revenue.

Broadcast KPIs

Uncover insights on content performance, streaming functionality, and digital advertising effectiveness.

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Our Approach to Testing

Media Markets

  • Assign clusters of testers in all major media markets on all major device/OS combos.
  • Geotarget livestream ad serving and experience testing for any event.
  • Monitor and report issues with vital analytics related to the event page, video, and ad tracking clicks and interactions.

Automated Analytics

  • Fuse humans and machines with bespoke parser technology.
  • Eliminate the need for testers to confirm every call.
  • Enable testers to grab logs, feed test case calls, and receive clear and actionable feedback on what is or isn’t meeting the expectations.

Integrations and Coverage

  • Test on all platforms (desktop, mobile, and connected devices).
  • Integrate with testing tools and analytics platforms like TestRail, Jira, Charles Proxy, Segment, Adobe, and Amplitude.

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