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Get hands-on insights while staying hands-off. Testlio’s user researchers design, test, and deliver real user insights and experiences.

Why utilize design testing?

Design testing delivers user feedback on your product’s latest designs by focusing on UX and UI elements early in the design lifecycle.

Cost Containment

Adding design testing early in the product lifestyle addresses usability issues before spending time and money on further designs and development.

Validated UX

Validate design ideas and gather impactful feedback. Design testing uncovers opportunities to differentiate products to gain competitive advantages.

Avoid user issues

Without investing in design testing at the right time, your product could go into production with designs that cause your users pain and frustration.

Real users. Real feedback.

Recruit End-Users

  • Testlio handles the recruitment of our UX testing participants.
  • We utilize your platform’s typical demographics and use cases to create user profiles.
  • Our expert user researchers recruit six users representing your product’s typical user.

Moderated sessions

  • Our team schedules a remote, 1-1 live interview with real users.
  • After the meetings, researchers review the interview recordings and analyze the user’s feedback, paths, and perceptions.
  • We identify patterns and form insights on the comprehension and understanding of the tested designs.

Crafted feedback

  • At the end of the process, our team will deliver a detailed report highlighting the most impactful insights found.
  • Triaged and prioritized list of findings that are most important to address.
  • The report will include access to video clips of the six participants interacting with your product.

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