Instrumented Testing

An SDK for faster issue resolution and higher quality releases

Dramatically accelerate and improve your issue management process. Gain enhanced visibility into all testing conditions and activities. Deploy fast with confidence.

Faster development outcomes with actionable intelligence

Analyze and debug faster

Understand the entire testing session and reproduce issues more easily

Make informed decisions

Reveal bug insights, detect usability trends, spot emerging patterns, and more

Release with confidence

Turn data into meaningful insights and deliver better app experiences

Instrumented testing benefits

  • Access data goldmine

    Automatically capture network, device, user events, and more

  • Record testing sessions

    Gain visibility into tester actions, analyze and debug data streams

  • Fix issues faster

    Uncover real-device, network, or location-specific bugs

Three instrumented testing use case scenarios

Turbocharge your application testing initiatives by integrating your release candidate products with our SDK for:

Internal debugging

An engineering team conducts internal instrumented testing before rollout to external testers. The instrumentation SDK records the testing sessions and transmits vital data like network traffic, CPU, memory, storage, battery, device orientation, location, OS version, and language.

Issue debugging

Debugging and reproducing issues without insight into tester actions is time-consuming. But data collected via Testlio’s instrumentation SDK solves this pain point—allowing engineers to quickly grasp user and network events (including viewing performance metrics and automated screenshots) that occurred before bug submission.

Network Run

Testlio Network testers that participate in an instrumented testing-enabled Run make use of the in-app session recorder and issue submission feature—submitting issues when they happen, automatically linking logs and screenshots to the specific test case.

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