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The Conscious Capitalists

Episode #42: Conscious Capitalism in the startup world!

Testlio CEO Steve Semelsberger talks with the Conscious Capitalists about empowering human possibilities.


3 Best Practices to Ensure Quality Through Testing

This article discusses three best practices that translate the unique facets of business software testing into best practices that provide a competitive edge and improve app user experience.


Testlio 3.2 Delivers Instrumented Testing

A new set of SDKs and platform capabilities automatically capture and convey testing session information – directly from mobile devices.


Testlio 3.2 Released

The article discusses Testlio’s new testing management platform, 3.2, and how it enables instrumented testing – a new approach to quickly triaging and resolving issues.


Governance, Quality Critical in the New Digital Norm

Devin Gharibian-Saki, CSO of Redwood Software, talks about the increased speed of digital adoption and how it places pressure on DevOps teams to streamline processes and push for more automation.


The State of Commercial and Retail App Testing 2020

Software testing industry leader Matt Heusser shares insights on why quality, release speed, and device coverage matter in his review of The State of Commercial and Retail App Testing 2020.