Automated Test Development

Testlio offers the people, technology, integrations and expertise to jumpstart—or turbocharge—your test automation journey. 

Building a holistic, modern and sophisticated approach to automated software testing is full of potential pitfalls. Strategy. Tools. Libraries. Governance. Resources. Measurement. Lock-in.

Accordingly, many automated test development initiatives are subject to delays, unexpected costs, and even outright failures. With these potential perils in mind, Testlio provides a holistic, proven approach to test automation.


Maximize test coverage

Gain robust visual and functional automated testing coverage across mobile web and OTT devices.

Shorten development cycles

Increase test scripting speed with a scalable and configurable framework.

Leverage flexible, affordable resources

Augment your team with expandable and burstable quality engineering resources for critical automation sprints when you need them, all at great rates. 


Language and library diversity

Testlio supports multiple programming languages and leverages the power of open source libraries, including: 

  • Java Test Automation
  • JavaScript Test Automation
  • C# Test Automation
  • Python Test Automation
  • Cypress Test Automation
  • API Java Test Automation
  • API JavaScript Test Automation
  • Playwright Test Automation
  • Selenium Test Automation
  • Appium Test Automation

Multi-platform test automation

Testlio automation supports native and hybrid Android, iOS, and web apps, along with cross-platform apps, including those created with PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, Unity, and more.

Component-based design 

Leverage self-contained components for standardized content structure and behavior.


Testlio intentionally does not provide unit testing services, given how close those are to core engineering responsibilities. Testlio distributes resources to standard testing pyramid principles above unit tests, thoughtfully helping you attack API, integration, functional, and visual tests.

Flexible, extensible, exportable 

The Testlio automation framework is easy to maintain and is reusable. It has the ability to configure test cases and test data, object, and environment properties—dynamically. Further, working with Testlio gives you a perpetual license to all automated tests, and related framework components, that we create for you. You own everything and can take it to other systems and environments, without the risk of proprietary technology lock-in.

Deep testing expertise

Expert quality engineers

Automated testing talent is difficult to find and expensive to retain. Expand your team with Testlio’s Network of carefully vetted Quality Engineers, available on-demand to create, deploy, manage, and diagnose your automated software tests.


All tests built by Testlio are meant to be executable quickly and consistently, in a variety of run-time environments including BrowserStack, SauceLabs, and/or the Testlio Platform.

Built for fused software testing

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Tap Testlio to help shorten your development cycles.