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From Estonia: Testing the World’s Apps

Testlio grows from startup to global leader

Aug 28, 2019, Tallinn, Estonia – Testlio, the leader in managed app testing, today announced that it is supporting clients with more than 1.5 billion collective users. From Estonia, a country of only 1.3 million people, and from humble early beginnings, Testlio has risen to serve some of the world’s most recognizable and important consumer app providers. The company has also recommitted to its investment in hiring in Estonia.

Clients like American Express,, Microsoft and the NBA rely upon Testlio to ensure that their consumer apps offer exceptional user experiences—across devices, languages and locations. Testlio works by providing a combination of robust client services, a global network of thousands of validated testers, and a comprehensive software platform. The company estimates that more than 1.5 billion collective people use Testlio’s clients’ apps.

While Testlio full-time employees work all over the world (with a heavy concentration in the US), approximately 75% are based in Tallinn and Tartu offices. There, software developers, designers, and product managers build the proprietary testing software that makes Testlio possible. Services delivery experts ensure exceptional client experiences. HR and finance functions hum. Nearly 60% of the leadership team works in Estonia.

Testlio is a global company. But Estonia is home.

“When we started Testlio in London, then moved to Austin for the Techstars Accelerator, then grew a presence in Silicon Valley, we weren’t sure where Testlio would be centered,” said Marko Kruustük, Cofounder & COO of Testlio. “But now, after 5+ years of growth and success, it’s clear that Estonia is the right focal point for Testlio’s global ambitions. Kristel, my wife and cofounder, and I have fully returned home to live, and raise our young family, in Estonia.”

With an entrepreneurial spirit, great government services, exceptional technology, and a pro-family environment, Estonia is an excellent location for a hybrid software/services/network company like Testlio. According to the World Economic Forum, Estonia is #1 in Europe for entrepreneurship. 99% of citizen services are available online. Estonia was recently listed #1 in the world for living a connected life (source: Digital Life Abroad Report). And Unicef ranked Estonia tops for family-friendly policies.

“We’re fortunate to have amazing customers, and a strong team, in the United States—including Austin,” stated Steve Semelsberger, CEO of Testlio. “We’ll continue to hire across the US and Europe. But Estonia is the soul and engine of Testlio. We’re thrilled to invest more here.”

While the heart of the company is in Estonia, employees find deep meaning in serving both global clients and testers all over the world. “We have hoodies that say, ‘we test apps.’ Sometimes, people think that Testlio employees do the testing,” said Kaspar Kikerpill, Community Manager for Testlio. “Actually, expert testing freelancers in nearly 100 countries around the world power our testing network. I love supporting them as they test in places like Kenya, Malaysia, Ukraine, Thailand, Armenia, and the US.”

“I’m a proud Estonian,” concluded Kristel Kruustük, Cofounder & Chief Testing Officer of Testlio. “I love our global community of testers, our international employees, and our clients all over the world. And I’m particularly energized by how great our team is here in Estonia. If you’re at all curious about working with Testlio, I encourage you to check us out.”