We are a different type of testing company.

Estonian-born, globally distributed. Fuel amazing app experiences
with us for the world’s best digital products.

What makes us different

QA expertise

With a robustness of clients, technologies, experts, and approaches, Testlio is at the forefront of the software testing industry.

Culture & Diversity

Testlio is a globally distributed company with roots in Estonia. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace for people of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

Team excellence

We hold the bar very high for ourselves so we can deliver outstanding service to our clients around the world while purposefully advancing the practice of QA on a global scale.

Work flexibility

We operate with a mindset of accountability. Because of that, we enable more flexible ways of working that cultivate the work-life balance you’ve always wanted.


Our engineering teams develop the industry’s most advanced testing management platform. Testlio’s public API, integrations, and partnerships streamline testing management processes by enabling CI/CD builds, DevOps workflows, project management, automation testing, and more.

Distributed by design


Give a damn, Challenge things,

Team is everything, Be kind,

Make an impact, Foster inclusion


Ways of working with us

Full-time positions

Work with industry experts to make testing more human while powering a world-class test management platform.

Part-time jobs

Cultivate a more balanced lifestyle or pursue educational journeys in parallel to your professional career.

Freelance gigs

Stretch your skillset beyond geographical barriers and make a direct impact on global-scale consumer apps.

Join our growing team of 200+ full-time employees and 10,000+ testing professionals.

What to expect when you join us


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work-from-home stipend
  • Testlio stock options
  • Personal development fund
  • Personal Udemy account
  • Company events

Additional local benefits are listed in job posts

Benefits and perks for our Freelance Testers


  • Exciting variety of freelance projects
  • Work on world-class consumer apps
  • Better-than-market rates
  • Pay-per-hour, not bugs
  • Training and career development
  • Community meetups
  • Collaborative knowledge-sharing culture

Our people say it best

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What differentiates Testlio from other testing companies?

    Our people make Testlio different. From freelancers to full-timers, our selection bar is extremely high because we expect no less of ourselves. Our people aren’t just great at their jobs but also wonderful humans to work with. Check out some ‘Meet a Tester’ stories about our expert network of testers or ‘Meet Testlio’ videos where we feature people who make working at Testlio fun, meaningful, and impactful.

  • How do Testlio people work together as a distributed team?

    As a global company that is “Distributed by Design,” we don’t focus on our physical offices—while still maintaining one in Estonia. We offer work location flexibility and embrace work-from-home models.

    Regardless of where, when, and how we work, our goal is to have everyone feel fully connected to the culture, values, processes, and rituals of Testlio. To do that, we embrace transparency and openness in everything we do – and strive to empower our teams with the right technology, processes, and insights.

  • Where can I find more news and information about Testlio?

    Testlio is a growing business at an exciting time! You’ll find all the latest news and updates here.

  • How does Testlio support their people’s growth and development?

    We believe in investing in our people and want to empower them to reach their full potential via professional initiatives such as training, coaching, mentoring, buddying, etc., and personal development programs. As Testlio is growing, we also largely encourage our people to take on emerging responsibilities and expand their skillset horizontally.

  • Where are Testlio testers based?

    Testlio is a global company supporting testers in 150+ countries around the world.
    Find out how to become a tester here.

  • How does Testlio support a diverse workplace and community?

    At Testlio, diversity is a priority. 50% of our executive leaders and 43% of our employees are female. Our people come from 150+ countries and work closely together despite being geographically separated.

    In 2020, we launched a social program, Testlio Ignite, to support individuals with a minority background to learn software testing. We strive to embody “Foster Inclusion”, one of our core values at Testlio, and we continue to invest in making the world a diverse and inclusive place.

Current Openings


Testing Manager

Remote in Latin America

Delivery Operations

QA Analyst

Remote in the US

Freelance Test Lead

Remote in Latin America


Account Director

Remote in AMER

Sales Engineer

Remote in East or Central US

Account Manager

Remote in EMEA

Account Director

Remote in EMEA

Account Director

Remote in APAC