Dear Testlio Clients,

With 2019 behind us and 2020 in full swing, we wanted to stop for a moment. To say thank you. To share where we’ve been. To offer insights into where we’re going. 

Testlio’s purpose is: “We passionately test to fuel amazing app experiences.” We are relentlessly dedicated to helping you quickly and confidently release great software products. 

If there’s one thing Testlio is most proud of, it’s the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years. Through a combination of who we are and what we do, many of you have grown to enjoy working with us—and to trust your Testlio counterparts deeply. We don’t take this lightly. 

Our collective relationships are what have brought us to where we are today. You’ve helped us get here by challenging us, giving us feedback, shaping our processes. You’ve driven and inspired us to solve bigger and more complex problems. You’ve held us accountable and pushed us to be better in every area of our business.

As you read about our highlights from 2019 and plans for 2020, and think about how we are serving you, we ask you: let us know how we can be even better. We pledge to push ourselves to continuously improve. 

2019 Highlights

  • Users: Testlio passed 1.5 billion collective users of our clients’ apps. It’s incredible to think of the people around the world who are impacted by your digital products. Thank you for entrusting us to help with your most-important technology offerings.
  • Clients: we welcomed amazing new clients like Amazon, Daimler, Google, Keller-Williams, SiriusXM, Vrbo and WeWork. We also expanded our partnerships with longtime friends at CBS, Fox, Microsoft, and others. You gave us an 81 NPS. We thank you for the positive feedback—and encourage you to keep us on our toes.
  • People: we grew our full-time employee team by 30%, adding people in Estonia, recommitting to Austin, and welcoming colleagues in many locations via our pledge to a distributed working model—equipping us to serve you with world-class people not encumbered by traditional US office approaches.  
  • Network: our global testing community expanded by more than 50%—and strengthened. For one client alone, we deployed 150+ localization testers in 41 countries (reviewing more than 5K tester applicants in the process). For other clients, we tested the most demanding of livestream events, including the Super Bowl. With amazing testers and a powerful community team, we confidently and humbly offer that we can now generally test any device. In any location. In any language. 
  • Services: our front-line team of services employees grew more than 50% in 2019. With robust new capabilities, competencies, systems and tools, including pilots of our new quarterly Executive Business Review (EBR) process, we are working better and faster than ever. There’s much more to come.
  • Culture: this was a big year for Testlio. We leaned in to new learning systems. We updated our purpose and values. We leveraged a new recognition system. We instituted multiple new rituals and systems. And we remain committed to helping our people thrive—so that they can best serve you. 
  • Leadership: Kristel embraced her Chief Testing Officer role per our VentureBeat interview. Our leadership team was 100% consistent and 50% women—while we added Gabe Dennison. We also welcomed world leaders and leaned into personal connections with testing professionals around the globe.
  • Product: 2019 was a leap forward for Testlio software. New Runs module (fully launching in 2020). New Builds system. New API. New algorithms. And we’re excited for what’s coming next (per below).
  • Financials: this was a year of mindful growth for Testlio. Prudent expense management. Sustained profitability. Beats on key metrics. With financial results that over-performed against our plan, we reinvested into our people, our network, our software. We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2020 and steadfast in our commitment to smart business fundamentals going forward. 

2020 Plans

Thank you again for your journey with us in 2019. Looking ahead to 2020, we envision a year of “thoughtful elevation” (our theme for the year). Elevation will be our calling across all that we do. 

We will drive elevation efforts through three Bold Moves: 

  1. Invest for our highest potential: 2020 will see us increasing our people and technology investments, to serve you even better. We will invest in the Testlio software platform and in our services team—unlocking new experiences and value for you.
  2. Illuminate our holistic uniqueness: per the positive feedback graciously given us, we sense that people who know Testlio are likely to recommend us. They see us as a different kind of company. Human-driven. Team-oriented. Kind. Inclusive. Impactful. We’ll do more to shine a spotlight on why Testlio is special.
  3. Deliver great, repeatable value: You demand speed. Insights. Clarity. More testing coverage and capabilities from us (usability, design, performance, etc.). Great service and great software. In 2020, we will push ourselves harder to serve you faster. Better. Even more thoughtfully. We will redesign our software in ways for you to do more. While we will still be a full-service, managed offering, you will be able to do more with our APIs, build service, workflows and tools, helping us collectively flourish. 

These Bold Moves, aligned with our theme, will guide us forward. And some of the specific, related initiatives that you’ll see from us include:

  • People: we anticipate that we will grow our team 40-50% from the 75 full-time people who work for us today.
  • Product: in 1H 2020, we will release Testlio 3.0. With a completely new interface and powerful new modules, the platform will take a major leap forward.
  • Partners: today, Testlio software integrates with many third-party services, from Jenkins to JIRA. And we work with talented agencies and consultancies to help you. In 2020, you’ll see us formalize relationships and extend our ecosystem—all with the goal of serving you more broadly, flexibly, quickly and consistently.
  • Network: our global tester community will continue to grow. We will also release new validation and verification systems. New training and onboarding approaches. New compensation and working models. We remain committed to our pledge to empower the best testers in the world and to pay them better-than-market rates to do the testing work they love.
  • Services: we plan to increase our investment in our front-line team by more than 60% year-over-year, hiring more people, creating new roles, experimenting with new offerings, rolling out our EBRs broadly. As our team grows, you may meet some new people from Testlio. And if you ever see an opportunity to change or improve, please let us know.

2020 is posed to be a breakout year. We humbly sense that we are maturing into a position of industry leadership. We’ve worked hard to get here and pledge to serve you to the utmost of our capabilities to continue to earn your business. 

Thank you once more, and here’s to an amazing year ahead!

With ongoing gratitude,

Steve Semelsberger, Chief Executive Officer
Kristel Kruustuk, Founder & Chief Testing Officer