The President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid visits Testlio

Last Friday, October 18th, we had the great honor of welcoming the President of the Republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, to Testlio’s Tallinn office. 

During her 1-hour visit, we also held an open Q&A session where the team had the opportunity to ask the President any questions on their mind. We ended up having a very broad, fruitful conversation ranging over political, social and personal topics. It was a beautiful, thoughtful, and warm discussion that we all enjoyed very much. 

President Kersti Kaljulaid reminded us of the importance of speaking out loudly and constantly against any biases and discriminations, and to never give up even when the going gets tough. She also stressed the need to keep a balanced work-life relationship, sharing with us her love for nature and physical activities (besides running, she likes skating and biking).

Most of us were surprised to learn that she was also fluent in French and even enjoys reading in that language, having recently re-read Michel Houellebecq’s “La carte et le Territoire” (The Map and the Territory) and “Soumission” (Submission). She shared that if she could spend one hour with someone famous, it would be with the late General Charles de Gaulle with whom she’d want to talk about his experiences during and after the Second World War.

Our gift to the President, a lion book holder

All in all, this visit will remain an unforgettable event for our whole team and we’re extremely thankful to the President for graciously finding the time in her busy schedule to visit us, learn more about what we do here at Testlio, and give us, in turn, candid insights into her fascinating life! 

Ps. By the way, her favorite new app is Starship Deliveries 🙂