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Testlio 2023 Reflections: An Open Client Letter of Gratitude

Dear Testlio Client,

A software testing partnership requires a large, and ongoing, leap for engineering, product, and quality teams. The opportunity that you provide the Testlio team is never taken for granted; we thank you and hope that we impressed you in 2023 with our dedication, impact, approach, humanity, and value.

2023 was not an easy year for us, nor was it for many of you. Below we share some of what we’re proud of—along with challenges we faced along the way and hard decisions we made as a business. Our hope is that this helps you see us in a fuller way, equipping us both to commit to powerful, trusted quality partnership work during the year ahead.  

Here’s a TL/DR version of the year:

  • We stabilized. For 2023, this meant a return to profitability, ensuring that we are a solid, predictable, long-term partner for you.
  • We innovated. Fused software testing, signal-driven testing, and the use of GenAI for testing were major updates for our Platform-powered quality approach. 
  • We automated. While Testlio remains strong in crowdsourced manual testing, outsourced test automation is the fastest-growing part of our business.
  • We executed. For you, and other clients, we tackled some of the thorniest, biggest, most challenging testing situations on the planet. 
  • We celebrated. Honoring our globality and diversity, we came together in new ways to honor one another and connect genuinely.  

Below is a fuller unpack of 2023.



While the year was hard, it was also massive for the advancement of the Testlio Platform, including: 

  • Fused Software Testing: our vision and capabilities took a big leap forward as we fused manual and automated testing along with on-demand and dedicated resources to provide faster, more fluid, software testing. Learn more.
  • Signals-Driven Testing: expanding our DevOps and quality systems integrations equipped Testlio to more fluidly use data to guide quality processes. Learn more. 
  • Generative AI: in 2023, Testlio unveiled the power of GenAI applied to large instruction set moments (like test cases and issues). Learn more.

The Testlio Platform came a long way in 2023. If you haven’t seen it lately, and are ready for an updated, guided tour, please contact your Engagement Manager. And note that there’s much more to come in 2024!


In 2023, Testlio made significant advancements in our quality engineering solution. These included: 

  • Platform Run-Time: with the Testlio Platform, you can execute scripts in our systems and on our device network.
  • Automated Testing Development: via our QE CoE, we have resources, frameworks, governance, and approaches to help you automate—fast.
  • Test Automation Management: often, the primary challenge of quality engineering is ensuring that automated tests deliver ongoing value. Testlio can help, providing a hybrid outsourced/on-demand approach to sustainable automation excellence.



As 2024 kicks in, I’m full of hope. The world remains uncertain and we must continue to challenge ourselves as your partner, tirelessly working to increase the coverage, velocity, impact, and economic value that our model promises. 

As always, if I, or anyone on my team, can ever do more and/or answer any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you again,


Testlio Inc.