Test automation management

Testlio uniquely provides a seamless approach to ongoing quality engineering services 

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Building and launching automated software tests is one step of the journey. Executing, maintaining, triaging, repairing, interpreting, and validating automated tests is another set of concepts. Testlio ensures that your test automation investment delivers value—and evolves with you over time.

Improve testing efficiency

Accelerate developer feedback loops, reuse scripts, reduce maintenance costs, and simplify reporting.

Leverage flexible, affordable resources

Augment your team with burstable, global quality engineering resources for ongoing management, using crowdsourced or outsourced models, at great rates.

Enable signal-driven testing

Improve product quality


Holistic automated tests

Testlio supports native and hybrid Android, iOS, and web apps; cross-platform apps, including those created with PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, Unity, and more; and many languages and libraries (Java, C#, Python, Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, etc.).

Smart integrations

  • Integrate with GIT, CI/CD, and agile processes and tools like Rally, Jira, Applitools, BrowserStack, Headspin, mabl, SauceLabs, and more.
  • Sync your testing with other features like DB, Selenium GRID, and Device Farm.
  • Leverage custom HTML, ExtentReports, and Allure reporting with results and execution summary notifications.

Flexible framework

The Testlio automated framework is easy to maintain and is reusable. It also has the ability to configure test cases and test data, object, and environment properties dynamically.

Multiple run-time environments

Expert quality

Automated testing talent is difficult to find and expensive to retain. Expand your team with Testlio’s Network of carefully vetted Quality Engineers, available on-demand to create, run, and diagnose tests.

Robust quality

Built for fused software testing

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Let Testlio take care of your test automation managent