Why manual testing is here to stay: a Q&A with Testlio Engagement Manager, Oksana Lang

About Oksana

With over 12 years of experience as a QA software testing professional, Oksana has an impressive international background working for several global-scale companies. More specifically, she has extensive knowledge in web and mobile application testing (including client-server application testing, functional and non-functional testing, writing automated tests, etc.) along with strong project management skills. Being extremely passionate about software quality, Oksana truly enjoys the ability to positively impact consumer apps worldwide.

Testlio Engagement Manager

Why is manual testing still important and what does the future hold?

  • Is the application design intuitive? 
  • Is the application easy to master? 
  • What is the user’s first impression? 
  • Will the user want to launch the application again?  

For example, a Testlio client in the communication industry integrates a mix of automated and manual testing in-house to first verify that there are no blocking issues. After that, they ask Testlio testers to swarm the application and test it (both new features and regression testing) on a wider range of devices – the client makes a release decision based on the test runs’ results. Also, they collect our testers’ subjective feedback about the release and take these suggestions into consideration for future features development.

In which scenarios should manual testing be prioritized over automated testing?

How to integrate automated scripts with manual testing

How do global companies utilize remote on-demand manual testing? 

Manual testing best practices

Are there any particular trends you see in the QA industry?

To illustrate that, one of Testlio’s clients in the educational sector saw its demand for online educational resources increase exponentially during the pandemic. The client needed to quickly adapt to this explosive change by extending its app’s possibilities, simplifying the payment flow, and enabling even better user experiences. Thanks to its wide pool of quality assurance testers and extensive device coverage, Testlio was able to quickly test all the new features and release them to production in record time.

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