In today’s globally scattered work environments, agile methodologies that reinforce collaboration and speed are needed more than ever before. This is why Networked Testing is the perfect solution for modern product and engineering teams who want to deliver high-quality software at speed, scale and compelling economics. 

Networked Testing is an evolution of in-house, outsourced, and crowdsourced testing practices – it offers more flexibility, faster turnarounds, better coverage, … at dramatically lower costs.

To learn more about this new testing framework and take your web and mobile app testing to the next level, join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, from 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. PDT. Joining Testlio CEO Steve Semelsberger for this short but informative webinar will be Testlio Head of Accounts, Michelle Surya, and Testlio Principal, Zach Chrissinger.

Testlio Webinar Speakers

Through practitioner presentations, including case studies from emerging and large companies, learn how you can:

  • Release Faster by matching your agile sprints and delivering results at machine-like speeds
  • Improve App Quality through a remote, expert team of test leads, engagement managers, and testers, operating together as a consistent and cohesive unit
  • Reduce Testing Costs by only using burstable testing resources when you need them with flexible, on-demand capacity
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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from our leading QA experts, watch the recording of this webinar today!