Testlio 3.3 Empowers Freelance Software Testers

New Platform Features Include Profiles, Groups, and Ratings

Founded by former freelance software tester Kristel Kruustük, Testlio has consistently sought to enable, compensate, respect, and reward the world’s best quality assurance and software testing experts. Today, more than 10,000 freelance testing professionals, operating in more than 150 countries, are members of the Testlio Network. With a high bar for vetting, less than 3% of freelancer applicants are invited into client engagements. Collectively, the Testlio Network has performed more than 10 million client software tests.

Testlio 3.3 features include: 

  • Profiles: Members of the Testlio Network can now be matched with opportunities via non-personally identifiable information that includes dozens of fields like industries, cities, skills, languages, interests, and devices. Profiles are filterable and searchable; coordinators can discover and invite freelancers who match the dynamics and requirements of their software testing initiatives.
  • Groups: With 3.3, the Teams Module now includes Group management capabilities. Freelancers can be identified and invited into Groups based on specific testing strategies, approaches, and rhythms. For example, Groups can be structured to focus on functional testing, user experience testing, localization testing, on-location testing, or other approaches. Groups highlight the right freelancers, in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time. Further, the new Recommendations algorithm has been tuned to surface newly vetted testers alongside long-standing testers, helping ensure a smart blend of freelancers with a variety of perspectives.
  • Ratings: Testlio has completely redesigned its freelancer Rating system. Based on input from multiple stakeholders, the new, proprietary Ratings system measures availability, responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness along multiple dimensions. Freelance testers are provided with Ratings on a 100-point scale. These Ratings help guide them on pathways of growth and mastery. Scores are relative to engagement attributes and weight key parameters for the nuances of different testing initiatives.

Freelancer response to the new features has been strong:

  • “The new Profile fields give us the possibility to express ourselves. We are not just headcounts, but rather individuals with our own set of skills.” — Sasha Lee, member of the Testlio Network since 2015 
  • “The new Rating system gives me real-time feedback on criterion. Updated Profile fields allow me to represent my strengths more.” — Parul Garg, member of the Testlio Network since 2018
  • “With all the info it feels like I can get projects which fit my interest and hobbies, and I will enjoy those even more.” — Karel Krkoška, member of the Testlio Network since 2017

“Testlio 3.3 delivers several features that are paramount to today’s modern, professional freelancers,” said Kristel Kruustük, Founder and Chief Testing Officer at Testlio. “Whereas others in our market obfuscate the individuality and expertise of freelance testers, Testlio embraces and partners with leading freelancers around the world. We encourage members of the Testlio Network to explore the new capabilities of our platform, and know that we have more new features and experiences coming your way in the months ahead.”

About Testlio

Testlio is the originator of networked testing. Our award-winning combination of platform, freelancers, and services enables you to deliver great customer experiences — fast. In any location. On any device. In any language. The company is distributed by design, with employees around the world and freelancers in over 150 countries. Clients include Amazon, American Express, Microsoft, Netflix, the NBA, SAP, ViacomCBS and many more. Collectively, they have awarded us an industry-leading 4.7 G2 rating and an NPS of 75.

Media Contact: julie@testlio.com