Testlio 3.2 Delivers Instrumented Testing

iOS and Android SDKs extend networked testing 

Historically, testing management systems have been disconnected from targeted software experiences (like pre-production mobile applications). This can lead to human-dependent information capture and inefficient issue remediation. 

Now with Testlio instrumented testing, software engineering and quality teams can: 

  • Instrument apps: via easy-to-deploy SDKs and other tools, software engineering teams can infuse their pre-production app builds with Testlio —in minutes. 
  • Cover multiple stacks: instrumented testing is initially available for iOS and Android technology stacks. Extensions for Web, OTT, and other systems will follow.
  • Test pre-production: Testlio customers can use instrumented testing with development, debug, and QA software builds. And Testlio instrumented testing is compatible with production issue reporting and crash analytics tools.
  • Process telemetry: precisely and consistently structured telemetry is extracted from key OS and software sources, with permission. Testlio instrumented testing can directly deliver location, OS version, network, language, and much more.
  • Tune testing: all tester actions are tracked and captured, helping engineering teams understand exactly what occurred when issues are experienced. Instrumented testing also equips teams to tune their testing mix based on observed behaviors.
  • Move quickly: Testlio instrumented testing equips expert testers to make immediate decisions on issue escalations, enabling agile development teams to gain insights, spot patterns, make changes, and re-test updates—with speed and precision.
  • Fuel automation: through Testlio instrumented testing, all actions are captured in a format that will enable future scriptless automated testing capabilities.

“We’ve consistently heard from engineering leaders at our customers that they’d like to more tightly integrate their test builds with Testlio’s testing management software. With Testlio 3.2 and instrumented testing, our customers now have an easy, no-cost means to gather structured information quickly—equipping them to make rapid fix and release decisions.”

Jaanus Ranniit, Testlio Head of Platform

Testlio instrumented testing is available for free (unlimited licenses and no extra charges) for all current Testlio customers.