Testlio Introduces Networked Testing In 3.0 Platform Launch

Software Update Equips Burstable, Co-Managed App Testing Experiences

April 3, 2020, Tallinn, Estonia and Austin, TX – Today Testlio, the leader in managed app testing, announced a major expansion and revision of its test management platform. Testlio 3.0 provides new modules, a robust new UI/UX, new integration frameworks, and enhanced software engines. 

In any location, on any device, in any language, across organizational boundaries and distributed teams, Testlio 3.0 is designed to help.

Testlio 3.0 Overview

In 2014, Testlio launched the industry’s first transparent and scalable software system for fully-managed, expert software testing. Testlio 1.0 and 2.0 provided clients with unlimited licenses to view, ingest, respond, monitor, and update testing experiences—all with Testlio services personnel and expert testers performing test runs. 

Today, Testlio 3.0 expands these capabilities:  

  • New Modules: complementing the Plans, Issues, and Reports modules, Testlio 3.0 now provides Tests and Runs. The Tests module is an integrated test case authoring and management system. The Runs module is a unique means of managing testing initiatives—from the smallest smoke test to the largest regression pass. All modules are available as part of a cohesive platform, still with unlimited usage and licenses for all Testlio clients.
  • Robust New UI/UX: with Testlio 3.0, all client-facing screens and workflows have received a major design update. Leveraging the latest in digital design approaches, Testlio 3.0 is built to be intuitive, expandable, and quick. The thoughtfulness of the new Testlio 3.0 UI/UX reflects 6 years of testing experiences and more than 6.5 million completed software tests. 
  • New Integration Frameworks: the upgraded Testlio Builds service now equips seamless package handoffs from CI/CD systems. The Testlio API powers issue management and other software integrations. With these new integration frameworks, Testlio 3.0 provides a foundation for ecosystem approaches to build, release, and test management—maximizing efficiency and consistency. 
  • Enhanced Software Engines: Testlio 3.0 delivers multiple new algorithms and workflows to help testing move fast (including preparation, execution, and learning). For example, a new engine for identification and selection ensures that the right real-world device is ready when needed. Today, Testlio offers more than 1,200 real hardware device types in more than 150 countries around the world—all run by an expert, global network of more than 10K proven, human testers.

Networked Testing Capabilities

With Testlio 3.0, a new era of networked testing is possible. Networked testing builds on crowdtesting and outsourcing practices—with critical differences:

  • Expert human testers: the best testing results come from professionals. All members of the Testlio network are vetted, validated, screened, and proven. Only ~3% of applicants are accepted to projects. And testers are paid by-the-hour at better-than-market rates. 
  • Burstable swarm teams: a core tenet of networked testing is the use of on-demand teams of 10-50+ testers per major run. These testers burst into action quickly, swarm the testing surface, and then intentionally go dormant until the next run. Different from bug bounty testing models, networked testing manages and incentivizes teams to cooperate for work distribution, collaborative problem solving, and rapid reproducibility checks. 
  • Compressed testing windows: for networked testing to serve the demands of modern, agile engineering teams, testing must happen quickly. Three core concepts are important: first, the work must be bite-sized, generally broken into multi-minute or small-hour chunks. Second, the testing window must be short. Third, testing should occur in the crevices of engineering teams’ work. 
  • Connected real systems: finally, the entire testing ecosystem must be tethered and software-powered. Builds need to be ingested. Dozens of real hardware devices in target geographies are used to represent true user experiences. Issues need to be structured, passed to third-party tools like JIRA, and highly actionable. Everything must be traceable for reporting and insights.

Networked testing is valuable for multiple forms of software QA testing. It is especially powerful, impactful, and economical for native consumer apps (which often release every 1 or 2 weeks). It can also be faster, easier, and less expensive than automated functional testing.

Co-Managed Testing Experiences

Testlio has become the leader in managed app testing through a set of fully-managed service offerings, using networked testing methods to serve as an extended QA team for companies small and large. Testlio clients today have more than 1.6 billion collective users. 

More and more, Testlio clients and prospects have been looking to co-manage elements of the testing experience. Complimenting ongoing fully-managed testing offerings, co-managed testing experiences now include:

  • Integrated test authoring: gone are the days of spreadsheets and third-party tools. The Tests module enables product managers, release managers, engineers, usability experts, and others to quickly create tests in multiple formats. 
  • Immediate run initiation: while the Testlio Services team can still oversee and manage test cycles, clients can now launch testing work 24/7, collaborating directly with pre-screened, validated, client-specific, testing experts.
  • Ongoing issue oversight: with the Testlio 3.0 platform, issues are available for review, modification, prioritization, and escalation. Clients can lean on Testlio Services for all of these responsibilities—or can choose to do some things themselves.
  • Real-time tracking: via a traceable and transparent model, clients can understand everything that is happening within their testing universe.   

Experience Testlio 3.0

About Testlio
Testlio is the leader in managed app testing. With robust client services, a global network of expert testers, and a comprehensive software platform, we provide a suite of burstable, flexible, and on-demand testing solutions: end-to-end, usability, localization, functional, payments, and more. Testlio clients include Amazon, American Express, CBS, Hotels.com, Microsoft, the NBA, and Sonic. When apps must perform brilliantly, Testlio helps ensure world-class customer experiences. In any location. On any device. In any language.