Partnering for remote QA: fully-managed vs. co-managed testing approaches

So while “build it and they will come” may sound great for movies in the 90s, “test it and make them stay” is the reality for mobile app developers. 

So what’s a company to do? Companies can’t ignore testing. But they may have limited resources that hinder or delay a timely app.  Or, they may look to grow their in-house quality assurance team. 

Need for managed QA testing services

  • Reduce the overall cost of testing
  • Improve the quality of testing work
  • Create centralized testing processes and reliable systems
  • Utilize expert testing knowledge from larger networks

Additionally – and perhaps best of all – is that managed QA testing services can be catered to fit a business’s needs, regardless if a company is in search of a partner to manage the whole or just part of the process. In any case, you want QA testing that seamlessly aligns with your development process. 

So which method is best for your company?

Fully managed: Do it for me

This approach works great for companies looking:

  • To scale testing efforts long-term without additional overhead
  • To save on management resources
  • For remote and // or distributed testers 

Expert and transparent partnerships with fully managed testing providers mean the whole transaction is covered, removing the responsibility and subsequent stress from your company. Whether you have in-house teams, dispersed workers, or no QA department, fully-managed testing approaches take on the responsibility of managing the complete test process so companies can focus on higher-value work.

Co-managed: Do it with me

Putting the “part” in “partnership”, co-managed testing approaches allow companies to control authoring tests as this method augments already established in-house resources. 

For businesses with in-house testing teams and current workflow management tools, a co-managed partnership lets businesses rely on providers for ongoing project management, coaching, and reporting.  This approach augments QA testing with highly vetted experts based on project requirements. 

Co-managed approaches are ideal for companies looking:

  • To scale based on immediate needs
  • For an objective consultant to ensure projects stay on track
  • To rapidly ship fully tested, reliable, best-in-market mobile apps
  • To personally assign test cases and cadence to teams

Businesses know their product and the problem it solves. By being hands-on during the QA test phase, co-managed testing providers meet variable project needs.

A meaningful relationship

With Testlio, your internal QA testing teams can now confidently tackle full coverage during peak periods of demand without the burden of managing a second team.
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