Testing challenges for emerging growth companies

Eating your own dog food

Beta testing with friends & family 

Fixing forward

The fix forward strategy is where you publish your app and wait to get feedback from customers, in-app monitoring, or synthetic transactions. If an issue occurs, you then fix it and publish an update to the app. The main problem with this strategy is that until you deploy a bugfix, your customers will continue to experience that issue. Eventually, this will lead to poor brand reputation and loss of consumer loyalty. With that said, the fix forward strategy can be effective for websites, where the fix can be deployed in a manner of minutes. However, for mobile apps, you have to rely on the app stores to distribute your fix and on your users to upgrade the app on their device. 

Why networked testing makes sense

Networked testing pros & cons tables: Cost-efficient & scalable way to introduce expert testers, real-world devices, thorough test coverage, actionable insights on test coverage and issues.
Pros and cons: Dogfooding vs. Friends & Family vs. Fix Forward vs. Networked Testing
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