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It Takes a Village: Testlio launches industry-first ecosystem to power fused testing

Digital transformation has been characterized by an insatiable appetite for new content and capabilities. Today, customers expect brands to not only deliver compelling digital experiences, they want those digital experiences to be continuously refreshed, improved, reimagined. It is therefore no surprise that software delivery velocity is becoming the barometer for digital product teams.

But this need for speed cannot come at the price of quality. Digital product leaders must increase the pace of software delivery while also consistently delivering exceptional experiences to end users. The goal is velocity without compromise. 

The modern DevOps ecosystem has responded to this paradox primarily with two movements: shift left and shift right. 

Shift left pulls testing workloads forward in the software development lifecycle including empowering developers to take on more testing responsibilities. 

Shift right advocates pushing testing back in the process with “in the wild” testing insights to inform more frequent software updates.

Both of these approaches to testing will be important levers as engineering and product teams try to strike the right balance between speed and quality. Yet these approaches do not directly tackle the more fundamental question: as a DevOps ecosystem, how might we reimagine the testing workloads themselves, regardless of where the workloads shift? 

Beyond the where, we must evolve the how of testing. 

Fused Testing Takes a Village 

The how transcends the diverse landscape of testing solutions — the multiple technology approaches, frameworks, and capability areas offered. Fused testing is a methodology that isn’t limited to one test execution technology, product, or platform. In fact, the entire community of technology and service providers can work together to collectively unlock the value of fused testing.

Testlio is committed to not only being part of the collective, but serving as a catalyst for it by:

  • Promoting an open platform architecture for fused testing
  • Investing in prebuilt fused testing integrations 
  • Launching an industry-first fused testing ecosystem initiative

Fused Testing Launch Partners

“Modern software development teams who have embedded quality engineering into their workflow are gaining a distinct advantage over their competitors. This new partnership with Testlio empowers teams with the tools, process, and people to collaborate more effectively, and accelerate time-to-market while delivering high quality experiences based on customer demand.”  

Izzy Azeri, Co-founder, mabl

The partnerships focus on delivering two key benefits to our joint customers:

  • Increase speed. Create seamless handoffs between automated and manual test execution while making those handoffs more actionable with higher fidelity test result signals.
  • Improve quality. Broaden test coverage through the automation of repetitive test cases, create fused testing workflows with manual fallbacks, and access the right talent with a global network of quality engineers and expert testers.

Fused Testing in Action

The fused testing partner ecosystem goes beyond a shared commitment to optimization across manual and automated testing. Fulfilling that commitment requires investment in integrations that offer enterprises time-to-value on fused testing. 

In collaboration with our partners, Testlio will host a webinar series to give enterprise engineering and QA teams a firsthand view of fused testing.