Testlio’s vision is imagining software experiences that energize the world. It’s a big vision and a big reason why companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, SAP, and ViacomCBS work with Testlio. This vision signals a responsibility that goes beyond delivering best-in-class testing services, bringing together a global network of expert testers, and building a platform that enables a new way of testing. It means that in partnership with our clients, we are always looking to the future, identifying and cultivating the innovations that will unlock more energizing software experiences.

CI/CD offers enterprises the promise of increased speed on software development. The potential benefits of CI/CD are significant. Organizations today are faced with a much faster rate of change when it comes to end-user preferences. Furthermore, COVID-19 has impressed upon enterprises the importance of being able to quickly adjust to unpredictable market-moving events. Faster and more frequent software delivery gives enterprises the digital responsiveness needed to quickly respond to change. 

But increased speed cannot come at the expense of delivering a high quality experience. What’s the point of delivering more frequently if those experiences fail to energize your customers? So, how do organizations avoid making a costly tradeoff between speed enabled by CI/CD and quality? CDF offers a compelling forum for industry collaboration on an architecture and best practices that support both faster delivery and better quality.

Our CEO Steve Semelsberger sums up the market drivers behind our membership in the CDF:

“When it comes to digital experiences, customer expectations have never been higher. Modern approaches to quality have become mission critical for engineering leaders. We’ve been fans of the Linux Foundation for many years and wholeheartedly support the Continuous Delivery Foundation, especially as members of our leadership team previously worked at DevOps pioneers like CloudBees and Red Hat. We’re committed to Testlio platform integrations with CI/CD tools like Jenkins. And we value the opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to raising the bar on software delivery speed, efficiency, and quality.”