Who are we?

Meet the team

Kristel KruustükKristel Kruustük

Kristel Kruustük

Founder and CEO

A fanatical tester whose eyes light up when you mention testing.

Marko KruustükMarko Kruustük

Marko Kruustük

Founder and CTO

Serial entrepreneur who can perform magic with code and design.

Meelik GornoiMeelik Gornoi

Meelik Gornoi

Head of Engineering

Coder and tester in one. Technology and the world of startups are his passion.

Kaarel Kont-KontsonKaarel Kont-Kontson

Kaarel Kont-Kontson

Software Engineer

A true hacker who’s been coding since he was a kid. Code flows in his blood.

Kristi KaljurandKristi Kaljurand

Kristi Kaljurand

Head of QA

She makes sure that all of our projects run smoothly.

Michelle SuryaMichelle Surya

Michelle Surya

Head of Sales

Sales and marketing executive in startups. Her passion and energy blows everybody away.

Maret KruveMaret Kruve

Maret Kruve

Product Manager

A product manager who loves when a plan comes together.

Kaire LustiKaire Lusti

Kaire Lusti


A tireless seeker of knowledge who has a drive to craft beautiful and usable designs.

Valdo PurdeValdo Purde

Valdo Purde

Software Engineer

A software engineer aiming for quality - all code is guilty, until proven innocent.

Michael LonsingerMichael Lonsinger

Michael Lonsinger

Enterprise Account Executive

Sales professional who drinks too much coffee while living the startup dream.

Liina-Liisa HarkmannLiina-Liisa Harkmann

Liina-Liisa Harkmann

QA Project Manager

Test manager who enjoys teamwork and believes that scepticism is a good quality.

Oliver DalbergOliver Dalberg

Oliver Dalberg

QA Project Manager

Passionate test manager who is always there to help testing ninjas work smoothly.

Kertu KaruKertu Karu

Kertu Karu


Dedicated recruiter who believes the right attitude will help you achieve your dreams!

Henri NormakHenri Normak

Henri Normak

Software Engineer

Software engineer who is as passionate about design as he is about wrangling bytes.

Nele NoormägiNele Noormägi

Nele Noormägi

Financial Specialist

Financial whiz who has too much fun chasing numbers, credit or debit.

Max JacksonMax Jackson

Max Jackson

Enterprise Account Executive

Avid golfer and sports enthusiast who loves start-ups.

Kairi SchotterKairi Schotter

Kairi Schotter

Software Engineer

Words are hard, code is easy.

Elina KapanenElina Kapanen

Elina Kapanen


Passionately curious music junkie. Thinks by way of images rather than words.

Kristiina MalleneKristiina Mallene

Kristiina Mallene

Office Manager

Office fairy keeping order in chaos.

Michelle LeMichelle Le

Michelle Le


Coffee and country music lover, who has a passion for recruiting.

Rasmus LelumeesRasmus Lelumees

Rasmus Lelumees

Software Engineer

Solving the problem you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

George MaisuradzeGeorge Maisuradze

George Maisuradze

Software Engineer

Software engineer who's into iOS and algorithms.

Brendon LimBrendon Lim

Brendon Lim

Account Executive

Outdoor enthusiast who loves tackling mountains just as much as customers' challenges.

Justin LamJustin Lam

Justin Lam

Account Executive

Loves sports, music, startups and making customers smile

Mariliis KampusMariliis Kampus

Mariliis Kampus

QA Project Manager

Take testers, projects or the smallest details - organising is her thing.

Märt RingmäeMärt Ringmäe

Märt Ringmäe

Software Engineer

Likes how simple complicated things can really be.

Meelis LangMeelis Lang

Meelis Lang

General Manager of Testlio Estonia

Passionate about people, business and technology, and making it all flow together.

Denis TuzhikDenis Tuzhik

Denis Tuzhik

Software Engineer

A man who can bake a cake. Twice.

Marko KlopetsMarko Klopets

Marko Klopets

Software Engineer

An engineer with equal love for coding and awful jokes.

Duncan WeirDuncan Weir

Duncan Weir

QA Project Manager

Truly dedicated to the world of testing with the inability to turn it off even if he wanted to!

Jevgeni RjabininJevgeni Rjabinin

Jevgeni Rjabinin

Data Scientist

Science is what we want to implement.

Taavi RehemägiTaavi Rehemägi

Taavi Rehemägi

Software Engineer

An engineer and a human drone. Enjoys skydiving and kite surfing as much as writing code.

Tauri HindreTauri Hindre

Tauri Hindre

QA Project Manager

Organizing testers to break your software, so the users don’t have to.

Mihkel ReimandMihkel Reimand

Mihkel Reimand

Product Manager

Combining technology, people and everything nice with chemical x.

Ursula JõersUrsula Jõers

Ursula Jõers

Community Engagement Manager

Using the Force and magic to make projects happen.

Alar HuulAlar Huul

Alar Huul

Integration Team Manager

A Product Manager who is easily satisfied with the very best work while having fun!

Doug BradnerDoug Bradner

Doug Bradner

Sales Development Representative

Bay Area sports fanatic with an enthusiasm for building customer relationships.

Mike DobosMike Dobos

Mike Dobos

Sales Development Representative

Self-proclaimed prospecting GENIUS.

Kiryl VoitauKiryl Voitau

Kiryl Voitau

Junior QA Project Manager

Music and sweets lover and a bugs magnet (wink wink).

Alar VaresAlar Vares

Alar Vares

Product Manager

A product craftsman who creates a glorious future.

Matthew LonsingerMatthew Lonsinger

Matthew Lonsinger

Sales Ops Intern

Live fast, leave a smoldering corpse.

Hans ReichHans Reich

Hans Reich

Senior Account Executive

Seasoned sales professional and lover of all things Bay Area living that #startuplife.

Rasmus SõõruRasmus Sõõru

Rasmus Sõõru

QA Project Manager

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

Irma MässIrma Mäss

Irma Mäss


With great people comes great success.

Kaidi IlvesKaidi Ilves

Kaidi Ilves

Community Manager

"It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be."

Marek TihkanMarek Tihkan

Marek Tihkan

Software Engineer

Taking magic out of code.

Ahmed ElazazyAhmed Elazazy

Ahmed Elazazy

Support Engineer

Passionate about mind games and building things while playing with his LEGO.

Ural CebeciUral Cebeci

Ural Cebeci

VP of Marketing

Hire the best and empower them to do amazing things

Kristen KivimaaKristen Kivimaa

Kristen Kivimaa


Jesus saves! The rest of us better make backups.

Kerli RungiKerli Rungi

Kerli Rungi

Service Delivery Manager

Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.

Marilyn KriisaMarilyn Kriisa

Marilyn Kriisa

Test Lead

If at first you don't succeed, call in an airstrike.

Heldin LindHeldin Lind

Heldin Lind

Head of HR

Passionate about Psychology in Business - organization, team and individual excellence!

Oksana LangOksana Lang

Oksana Lang

QA Project Manager

It’s cheaper to test, rather than assume.

Josepha MiltonyJosepha Miltony

Josepha Miltony

Executive Administrative Manager

Aspiring polymath, interested in anything and everything.

Heelika PugastHeelika Pugast

Heelika Pugast

Test Lead

If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well

Aino-Silvia TaliAino-Silvia Tali

Aino-Silvia Tali

Community Team Lead

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

Kristjan TriebstokKristjan Triebstok

Kristjan Triebstok

Test Automation Project Manager

Passionate about project perfection.

Community of expert testers from all over the world
Our story

Up and to the right


We needed a bigger place

Our team is growing and is showing no signs of slowing. So we got a bigger office in Tallinn.

Apply here


We close our seed round, raising $1MM to date!

We closed an oversubscribed seed round with investors such as, Yee Lee, Carman Chan, Galvanize, and Bullet time Ventures

Read the article


Mentions in the press

Our first mentions in the press


First day at Techstars

We got accepted into Techstars’ first Austin class!


Testlio won Angelhack

We won the world’s largest hackathon - taking home $25,000


Testlio was born

Founded by Kristel and Marko Kruustuk

who have helped us?

Our investors

Insik Rhee

Insik Rhee

General Partner at Vertex Ventures

Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee

Managing Director at Altos Ventures

  • Vertex Ventures
  • Altos Ventures

What our customers say about us

Our engineering team has become reliant on Testlio. We’re now able to move at the speed our customers demand.


Kevin Henrikson

VP of Engineering - Acompli

Testlio is doing 100% of the testing on our latest app and the results are truly amazing. Testlio is ideal for app developers.


Robin Thurston

CEO - MapMyFitness
Who have we worked with?

Our customers

We worked with Acompli to create a seven day sprint and vastly increase their development speed.

We allowed Full Contact to test with real data through our diverse tester network.

Our global network of expert testers gave Voxox the confidence that their app worked on every continent.