Performance Testing Management

Testlio powers a holistic approach to performance testing strategy, oversight, execution, and analysis

Introducing Fused Testing

End users expect digital product experiences to be instantaneous. Regardless of location, network conditions, page size, content, personalization, and other factors. Gone are the days when even 3000-millisecond page loads were acceptable.

Monitoring tools help you understand clearly slow experiences. They pick up degradation and changes in state. But they’re generally not enough.

To truly glean and address digital technology performance, you need a holistic software testing approach. And it must include a fused combination of humans and machines, intelligently operating to help your engineering organization spot and address problems rapidly.

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Spot real-world bottlenecks

Go beyond monitoring to discover what your users are experiencing. On key devices. Where it matters most.

Receive actionable assessments

Logs give you data. With Testlio, you receive precise information about what’s happening for your users, along with prioritized recommendations, and clearly actionable issues. Equipping you to fix what matters most.

Prioritize what matters

devices, networks, operating systems, translations, locations and other factors can impact your digital product performance. Testlio cuts through the noise and helps you concentrate on what’s most meaningful.


Comprehensive performance testing

Multiple complementary tools

Expert performance engineers

Performance testing talent is difficult to find and expensive to retain. Expand your team with Testlio’s Network of carefully vetted performance engineers, available on-demand to create, run, and diagnose tests.

Robust quality services

Led by our Quality Engineering Center of Excellence, Testlio performance testing combines our proven model with seasoned professionals to drive, guide, oversee, analyze, and improve your performance testing program.

Built for fused software testing

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See how Testlio tackles performance testing management.