In an agile environment, QA is embedded as early as possible in the app design and development process. Because agile testing happens fast and often, it helps create a better version of the product in a short amount of time. 

Networked testing accelerates the benefits of agile QA by adding a high level of testing expertise, scheduling flexibility into the overall testing plan, providing broader test coverage, and creating greater ROI per test cycle. 

What is an ‘expert’ tester?

Beyond any academic or vocational qualifications, an expert tester is, first and foremost, someone who is able to quickly grasp the inner workings of most applications and can uncover any potential issue in the software.

A solid technical background and practical experience are essential components of an expert tester’s skill set. The first is especially helpful when developing test cases for black-box testing, as knowledge of software architecture can help judge impact areas for testing. Experience is the other critical element that equips testers with the knowledge to enhance their skills across multiple platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc), different industries (Retail, Finance, Learning, Gaming, Media, Travel, etc.), and different user scales (free apps for mass distribution vs. specialize products with targeted distributions, cloud deployments vs. local deployments, etc.). 

When it comes to networked testing companies, leading app testing providers hold the bar very high for their testers – a rigorous selection process ensures that only the best testers are invited into client projects. Candidates are required to pass real-life scenario-based tests that measure their conceptual clarity as well as their knowledge application. Furthermore, once selected, continuous performance and feedback metrics allow these networked testers to systematically evolve their skillsets.

The best testing results often come from professionals. Unlike crowdtesting, participants in networked testing are vetted, validated, screened, proven. For the Testlio network, only 3% of applicants are accepted to client projects.

Steve Semelsberger, CEO

A day in the life of a networked tester 

Networked testers are like the Avengers of testing – they are assembled from an international pool of testers in powerful units ready to burst onto the testing surface on short notice. A single test cycle will see anywhere from 10 to 50+ remote testers converge (think ‘Avengers Assemble’) to test a build in compressed testing windows for an hour or two. Having said that, the actual length and scope of testing cycles are designed to match client requirements and the build provided for testing. Different time zones and short-term test windows allow testing to be done even when the client teams are off work, during evenings or weekends. Furthermore, because test cycles are assigned based on each tester’s device pool, work hour preferences, as well as project familiarity, the whole quality assurance process from A to Z remains efficient for both testers and clients.

As a remote tester working for Testlio, I have had the opportunity to test a wide variety of products across many different industries. I find it absolutely exciting to work with some of the largest and most widely known brands in the world as well as emerging market apps. Being able to help them perfect their app experiences is truly rewarding. I have a wide array of devices to test on, including Windows machines, Macbook, iPad, iPhone and Android phones – and my testing assignments usually span functional testing, exploratory testing, bug fixes verification, regression, and sanity testing. But what I enjoy most is the sense of collaboration, trust, and excellence that form the core of each testing cycle. In that regard, networked testing approaches have been instrumental in my professional development, allowing me to broaden my experience of products and technologies.

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