Meet a Tester: Pannawadee

In our Meet a Tester series, we feature QA experts from our community who share their love for quality and Testlio. Pannawadee is a tester from Thailand, the beautiful Land of Smiles.

Where are you from?

What is your educational background?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. My specialty is PHP programming.

How did you end up testing for Testlio?

Around 2017, I was looking for ways to make additional income and found Testlio’s job posting on a freelancer community website. After signing up on the platform, I joined my first project and started testing. This was totally new for me at the time. Testlio was the first crowdsourced testing platform I ever worked for. I can still remember my first impressions and how great it was to join the TestLions community – everyone was really helpful with any questions I had. I never felt lonely when working on the projects because of the support from the team via the live chat. Honestly, being part of Testlio feels like being part of one big family 🙂

How does Testlio’s pay compare to your market rate?

The pay rate is very reasonable because Testlio pays based on the time allocated for testing in each project. If testers don’t find any bugs, they still receive payment for their effort. Usually, in other crowdsourced testing platforms, testers get paid per bug they find. The more bugs they’re able to report and get accepted, the more they can get paid. But if they don’t find any bugs, they get nothing regardless of the time they invest.
In that regard, I feel free when working with Testlio. I can concentrate on the testing without any added stress and submit the best quality in every test cycle.

How do you manage the balance between testing and personal life?

I have no problem managing the balance between testing and my personal life even if I do have a full-time job in addition to being a freelance software tester. I can manage my working preferences on the platform and also decide if I’m able to accept a test cycle invitation or not (I always try to accept every test cycle though). Testing for Testlio gives me a flexible schedule. I can work from home and spend time with my family.

What motivates you professionally?

My family is my biggest motivation. Their care and love inspire me to be the best version of myself.
Generally speaking, I am a self-motivated learner and an enthusiastic person. I love learning new things and being part of Testlio has allowed me to gain deeper knowledge and skills.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a bookworm and I absolutely love poetry. I could spend all day reading and writing poetry.

What mobile application do you use daily?

How would you convince a friend to join Testlio?

I would talk about the TestLions community which is the best place for testers, the flexible working hours, the ability to work remotely, the reasonable income and the opportunity to learn and improve skills.