Outsourcing to offshore, cheaper, less-experienced testers is problematic. With the time and money you put into developing quality software and apps, you can’t afford to gamble on low-quality testers. While you may save a few dollars upfront, you may also pay more in the long run when your users continuously encounter missed bugs. Or you add a new location, O/S, or device capability that testers can’t test.

Companies are now developing internal certification frameworks and working with freelancers certified in capability-specific test areas. So, how do you ensure that you work with qualified, skilled, and high-caliber testers? Pay attention to how the teams are crafted.

Internal certification and capability-specific tester certifications

No testers should have to pay for a class or certification. However, QA leaders must create internal test standards to ensure they accept only the highest caliber of testers. This includes ensuring candidates have the required domain expertise, testing comprehension skills, and familiarity with operating systems.

How do we ensure our testers are top-tier and can improve software testing goals? Testers must be highly skilled in QA best practices, testing methodologies, product goals, industry domains, and app environments. Our testers are rigorously vetted, and only 3% of applicants are accepted into our crowdsourced testing pool.

Representation of the tester journey, from setup to admission.

Better testers lead to expanded testing opportunities

When you engage certified testers, they are up to date on the latest strategies and best practices. When you outsource or augment your team with freelance testers, you also get a fresh perspective that can help eliminate unconscious bias in the testing process.

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Test automation requires high-caliber testers and QA experts

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Kassidy Kelley serves as the Managing Editor for Testlio and works from her home base in Boston, MA.