Fused Testing Sparks Interest

Methodology combining manual testing skills with test automation efficiency sees strong momentum and adoption

Fused testing helps engineering, quality, and product leaders create exceptional digital experiences. Early adopters, like NFT art marketplace LGND, are using fused testing to resolve longstanding inefficiencies in their development process — particularly those related to noisy or flaky automated test results.

“With fused testing, most repeatable manual work has now largely become automated,” said Adam Kneisler, VP of engineering at LGND. “And, if anything breaks, we have a manual regression testing fallback for quick verification within the same cycle. It puts human eyes on the testing surface to confirm whether an issue is related to the automated tests or our application.” 

LGND is not alone in its trajectory of using fused testing to improve efficiency without introducing tradeoffs. Testlio fused testing clients have been able to rapidly automate testing workflows, including one that successfully automated nearly 30 regression test cases in less than one week. Results like these have led some early adopters to see clear, expanding ROI measures within 10 weeks.

In addition to these and other anecdotes of initial success with fused testing, Testlio has seen:

Early customer adoption: Approximately 15 percent of Testlio’s clients have purchased or are evaluating fused testing. In particular, the unique Testlio offering of combining on-demand, part-time and full-time quality engineers, who create and manage automation scripts and practices, has been a draw for engineering leaders.

Size-agnostic potential: Companies of various sizes, from scaling start-ups like LGND to large organizations such as the CW television network, embrace the benefits of fused testing, which is purpose-built to be both highly flexible and adaptable to various quality assurance and quality engineering use cases and settings.

“We are seeing Testlio clients unlock the power of fused testing,” said Venu Shinde, director of Quality Engineering at Testlio. “Our clients’ initial reaction to fused testing has been uniformly positive, and that reaction is accelerating our build-out of quality engineering capacity, platform features, and partner integrations at Testlio.”

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