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Users are not admins. Admins are not buyers. Buyers are not sellers. Testlio keeps your roles secure and organized with individualized permissions, verifications, and configurations.

Why perform role testing?

Role testing combines manual and automated methods to test different user types in an app (e.g., admin, coordinator, seller, buyer, viewer). It identifies security risks, verifies access, and finds bugs pre-release.

Secure access

  • Configure, secure, and validate role privileges and role-based permissions.
  • Grant, secure, and monitor access to specific features associated with pre-programmed or proprietary roles.
  • Test role-based security to validate the safety of sensitive data and remain compliant.

Role verification

  • Create and modify roles with associated authorizations, permissions, and authority checks.
  • Ensure that user roles are correctly executed within the system every time.
  • Map relationships between users, processes, and data.
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Comprehensive role testing with Testlio

Parallel testing

Some roles overlap, and permissions aren’t always black and white. Testers perform parallel testing of different roles to ensure functionality across multiple roles.

Automation + Manual Testing

Holistic coverage

Testlio creates a role-testing strategy based on the holistic study of your users, user paths, compliance, and security needs.


Wield exploratory testing to determine user paths and edge cases, and find permission bugs before they cause critical risks.

Case studies & resources

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QSR Happy Path Testing Case Study

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