4 virtual connectivity trends for social gathering and what it means for mobile app developers

While humans are ever-adapting, the recent pandemic has forced a complete revamp of how we work and play.

Trend 1: Collaborative and communal colleagues

So what does this trend mean for mobile app developers?

  • Functionality: does the stream slow down with more users?
  • Security: how can you ensure only those with permission can enter into the conversation
  • Usability: is virtually connecting to others intuitive and simple?

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Trend 2: Long live live events

Beyond enterprise uses, however, the most compelling case for livestreaming is events. With a stay at home orders in place across much of the world, large-scale livestreaming has become significant. Webcasting events allows companies to expand beyond a physical, local audience. In some cases, events can extend beyond time, too.

So what does this trend mean for mobile app developers?

  • Performance of event stream
  • Usability: Do breakout rooms and divided sessions on the virtual campus flow naturally?
  • Functionality: Is the picture and audio quality good? Can everyone join different sessions?
  • Analytics: Where is the event traffic? Who’s spending how much time where?

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Trend 3: Social distance dating via video calls

Launched in late 2019, The League first touted video chats as a way to woo one another. The exclusive dating app also recently added League Live, a video speed-dating feature. Users go on three video call dates lasting two minutes each. Additionally, the app launched a video chat feature that allows calls without exchanging phone numbers. Users can also add 10-second videos to their profiles.

So what does this trend mean for mobile app developers?

  • Functionality: are calls being sent and received as expected?
  • Usability: does the video call function sit well with the rest of the UX? Is it easy to use?
  • Analytics testing: can the app-producer track who, when, and for how long people are on video calls?

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Trend 4: Netflix and chill… virtually

There’s nothing worse, however than watching from afar and being seconds behind the excitement.

By giving all group members access to controls, the overall idea is to provide a feeling of togetherness even if you’re not in the same room… Or house. Or country. Additionally, the Chrome extension has a side chat bar allowing members to discuss what they’re watching.

So what does this trend mean for mobile app developers?

Interactive commenting and chat features allow groups to sync their viewing and exchange messages. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that connectivity and communication aren’t going anywhere. And even after borders reopen and travel restarts, these features will be prevalent and on a more global spectrum. To maintain user experience and engagement on entertainment apps, software developers will want to pay attention to the following testing types and uses:

  • Functionality: does the stream slow down with more users?
  • Usability: is connecting to friends intuitive and straightforward?
  • Analytics: is your data reporting multiple users as one viewer or gaining an accurate headcount?

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