The Top Test Management Tools

But what happens when your testing team needs more? QA managers might want more proactive test management. With the commercial software in this test management tools list, you can:

  • Plan testing activities
  • Create test suites
  • Monitor for coverage
  • Track bugs
  • Report on all QA efforts

Plus, you can integrate with Jira, or whatever development uses, and typically with automation tools and CI systems.

Here are the top 8 test management tools with a focus on managing manual efforts for coverage and tracking.

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Testlio offers the industry’s most cohesive test management software.


Not only can you write test runs and test cases, but you can also write user stories to help track the broader, function-driven considerations of testing.

qTest by QASymphony

Like Practitest, qtest supports test cases, test runs, defects, and reporting, but unlike Practitest it has an on-premise model in addition to cloud—good for teams where for whatever reason cloud development isn’t approved or when network lagging is a concern.

Enterprise Tester


There’s also the “Compiler Suite” that combines a single master test case with set parameters to generate multiple iterations, thus majorly cutting down on your test case writing time.

Enterprise Tester is aptly named. It’s a sophisticated, powerful tool with endless options that might be more than needed for medium or small teams. In case you didn’t guess this already, the JIRA integration is two-way.

Zephyr or Zephyr for JIRA


HP Quality Center

The HP Quality Center takes the idea of QA to another level by bringing in business requirements and other customer-facing considerations into the testing platform for a full quality-focused suite.

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