The Testlio Community Is Now Invite Only!


Testlio is exclusive!

But what does this mean exactly? Well it means that instead of Testlio being open to anyone to be a tester, you now have to be invited by a top Testlio tester to get in.

There’s likely to be a lot of questions around this, and we’ve gathered up some of the most common ones we’ve heard so far and put the answers here.

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: Testlio has seen incredible growth over the past year. Not only have the number of projects and new customers been increasing but so have the number of applications to be a tester on our platform. You all have been doing TOO good of a job of getting the word out there about us.

However there was a problem here. The number of new testers we received quickly outgrew the number of new projects and testers we needed. What ended up happening was we created a lot of disgruntled and unhappy testers who didn’t receive work.

One thing Testlio will never brag about is the number of testers we have in our community. The only thing that matters in our community is the sheer skill our testers have as a collective. That’s all that matters to us.

When you accept everyone into your community, you end up drawing in people you wouldn’t normally want in. This is what happened. We ended up attracting testers of a skill level that didn’t meet our standards. But given that we wanted to give these testers a shot, we ended up taking work away from established testers… Therefore no one won.

At Testlio we are making it our focus to be known as the Harvard of Software Testing. If you are a tester on Testlio, then that means you’re one of the best. No questions asked. Making the community invite only and going through a much more strenuous admissions process is the first step we need to take to make this be the case.

Q: How is this better for existing testers?

A: Now we get to focus on you more. When the community was growing super fast and we had a lot of people vying for our attention, we lost focus. We weren’t able to focus on the best testers in the community.

Now that there is going to be less noise, we will make sure that if you’re a great tester in our community, you will receive an ample amount of work to make sure you’re happy.

Q: So what’s changing?

A: Well immediately, you can no longer sign up as a tester on our site. If you want to get invited, you have to befriend a tester with a bug hunter badge as they are the only ones who can recommend a tester to us.

There will be other changes that go along with this, but those too will have following announcements.

Q: What happens to me?

A: If you’re already an active tester who is working on projects then nothing will immediately change for you. Seriously. If you’re getting a consistent amount of work and are being regularly reinvited it means you’re a great tester and you’re the kind of tester we want to keep around. Keep it up!

Q: Will I get kicked out?

A: If you haven’t been active and haven’t received a project in these last weeks then you will receive a survey form which will help us decide whether you’re a fit to the Testlio community. Details regarding this matter will be released shortly.

Q: How will new testers get invited to the system?

A: We will be working on building the functionality for this, but if you have a bug hunter badge then you will be able to invite other testers you feel would be strong into the community.

Q: How soon should I expect to receive more projects?

A: Not everyone is going to receive more projects. We’re going to be focusing on the testers who have been very active in projects already and making sure they’re happy with their hours first. So if you’re one of these testers, you may expect to see more projects very soon.

Q: How many more project invites will I receive?

A: I wouldn’t expect your project invites to double or anything. We will dole out as many project invites to our most reliable testers to the extent that they’re happy.


There is nothing more important than the community at Testlio. By making the process invite only, we’ll be making sure that only the best get in. Think of us as the Harvard of Software Testing. And if you’re in, that means you’re one of the best in the world.