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Evolving Software Testing Best Practices at #EuroSTAR 2022

On the ground, in our discussions, and during sessions we picked up on three key themes important to the future of our industry —

(1) We have to solve the and/or tension between manual and automated testing.

Gerrard Consulting Principal Paul Gerrard snaps a photo onstage during his keynote at EuroSTAR 2022

(2) External social and business considerations are starting to impact testing — and it’s about time.

For decades, businesses have become more and more involved in social impact — and it’s playing an increasingly large role in decision making. Software testing hasn’t been unaffected by these dynamics…but we haven’t always been leading at the forefront of them either.

(3) Embracing uncertainty is how the QA and software testing industries will grow.

CEO & Head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH Alexandra Schladebeck presents at EuroSTAR 2022

Alex, like many speakers at the conference this year, touched on mental health and on holistic views about life and testing. With a presently shifting world, economic outlook, and business priorities, testers are going to need to embrace uncertainty to remain agile.

All of this begs the question: will we be ready? Ready for new technologies (Metaverse, AI, etc.)? Ready for ambiguity and complexity and uncertainty? This are big, hairy questions — and we’re glad the industry is asking them, because when it comes to testing, we’re hoping to be at least part of the answer(s).