Meet the Testers: Iryna and Joseph

In Meet a Tester, we feature QA experts from our community who share their love for quality and Testlio. Our third interview is with Iryna and Joseph from Ukraine.

1. How did you both end up working as testers for Testlio?

We found Testlio in March 2015. It was just before our wedding when Iryna and I had moved from Moldova to Ukraine. I (Joseph) didn’t have a job in Ukraine and my brother suggested I give QA a chance. That’s how I found Testlio. As far as I remember, I waited a long time to get my first invitation to a project and then I accidentally missed it (LOL 😆). I was very enthusiastic about testing at that point. I even worked during the night after our wedding.

I introduced testing to Iryna a bit later and she joined Testlio in May while she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Technical Translation.

2. What was your testing experience before joining Testlio?

I did some testing in college and during my first job at a mobile network operator company. Iryna had no previous experience in testing. 

3. Why did you choose to test for Testlio?

In our opinion, Testlio has several advantages compared to other testing platforms. Testlio’s platform is user-friendly and the work process is well organized. Additionally, the team spirit is high because relations between coworkers are really good. Testlio also pays for our time and effort spent, not bugs found. It keeps us more focused on work quality and not on bugs.

Joseph and Iryna
Joseph and Iryna

4. What motivates you professionally?

Our philosophy regarding testing is based on achieving a new level. Every new test cycle is a new challenge. We have to invent scenarios and find things that no one else has found before. It requires a lot of creativity and experience to visualize thousands of test cases and details. Having this approach helps us to maintain our motivation and a fresh mindset.

5. How do you manage testing and your family life?

We both work from home, so we can manage our schedule comfortably. While one of us works the other can do domestic chores. Moreover, now our little baby helps us to do everything faster and not spend time on unimportant things.

6. What are the pros and cons of a distributed workplace?

Distributed workplace gives us more freedom particularly in regards to our geographical location. We can work and travel at the same time, therefore, we don’t need to wait for a vacation to go traveling couple times a year.

Cons of a distributed workplace are insignificant such as lack of real life communications with coworkers and maybe some problems could be resolved faster face-to-face.  

7. How did you organize your job and family life while living in Bali?

When Iryna got pregnant, we decided to temporarily move to Bali. We wanted to enjoy our pregnancy and give birth to our daughter at the Bumi Sehat Foundation. It was a lot of fun. We will always look back at this period with a warm feeling.

For example, on some days we had no electricity, so we had to cycle to warungs (street food restaurants) with good Wi-Fi to finish a testing task. Sometimes this happened during night-time and we had to have an extra Wi-Fi modem so we could work in the darkness.

However, when we had time off, we could enjoy the sunset on the beach or a waterfall in the jungle.

8. How would you convince a friend to join Testlio?

We don’t need to advertise Testlio to our friends anymore. They used to ask us repeatedly, how can we afford such an amazing lifestyle. Our answer has always been that they should join Testlio. Start testing and enjoy life!

Joseph and Iryna in Bali
Joseph and Iryna in Bali