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Accelerate feedback loops and find flaws even before UI is available.

Why conduct API testing?

API testing is an integral part of the software development process. It helps ensure that APIs function as intended and provide reliable and secure access to data and services.

Issue Detection

  • Test responses for valid and unexpected requests, revealing functionality and performance issues.
  • Discover interface mismatches, communication failures, and security vulnerabilities.
  • Validate application performance earlier in the development process.


  • Test REST APIs, SOAP Webservices, GraphQL, gRPC, and more.
  • Leverage the best of manual and automated testing for complete and more efficient coverage.


  • APIs are less expensive to test.
  • API tests are easier to write and maintain.

Our Approach to Testing

Manual API Testing

  • Identify the API endpoints and the specific functionality to test.
  • Create test cases for positive and negative outcomes.
  • Leverage crowdsourced testers for smoke testing to simulate the production conditions for the API.
  • Develop critical product insights based on pass/fail results.
  • Validate the API performance response time and response size, and API security like authorization, data leaks, and rate limits.

Automated API Testing

  • Leverage repeatable results from manual testing to build automated scripts to cover the required test data, preconditions, and functionality.
  • Outsource part-time or full-time QE experts.
  • Execute the test cases.
  • Analyze the results of the tests and report any issues found.
  • Integrate the automated API tests into your continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for ongoing testing.

API framework for Java and javaScript

  • A simplified approach to making API calls (and passing in request parameters).
  • Rapid handling of various auth and content types.
  • Seamless integration with UI tests and reuse of existing framework runner for batch runs.
  • Leverages existing test reporting (allure) to generate API test reports

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