Generative AI

Elevating quality standards with the power of GenAI

Testlio’s AI-enhanced solutions improve human performance and enable smart decision-making to deliver higher-quality products at a greater speed, efficiency, and scale.

Achieving more with AI-human collaboration

Testlio adopts a human-in-the-loop (HITL) approach towards AI, empowering people to achieve more, faster. We believe that a collaborative approach between humans and AI unlocks the optimal utilization of AI in quality assurance. Skilled specialists provide the context, and judgment to handle complex tasks, while AI handles repetitive tasks and quickly generates data-driven insights.

A multi-technology approach

Supercharging Testlio’s capabilities

We integrate GenAI testing tools and systems into key workflows within our platform, using client data sets in a secure and privacy-protected manner. Our approach leverages GenAI to assist QA testing managers in multiple ways.

Test case creation

We use GenAI to suggest issue structural skeleton for efficient test creation, more standardization, and improved test cases. Existing test cases can also be refactored and improved using the same technology.

Issue improvement suggestion

AI suggestions help our testers improve the wording, grammar, and overall quality and clarity of issues generated. This also enables our team to streamline the issue-triaging process, allowing improvement and fixes of issue titles and descriptions with just one click.

Test execution support

Featuring an OpenAI-powered RAG assistant, that is configured per Testlio’s Workspace, allows testers to be more efficient through context-specific guidance, leading to more accurate feedback and issue reports.

Optimized quality, maximized efficiency

Testlio’s AI-enhanced solutions improve the quality of your digital products by reducing manual errors, speeding up testing processes, and increasing testing coverage.

Reduction in manual errors

Increase in test refactoring speed

Case studies and resources


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