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Configuration issues lead to broken features, suboptimal performance, and poor overall user experience. Testlio’s setup testing helps you exceed customer expectations on any O/S and device.

Why use setup testing?

Setup testing verifies multiple configurations of software, including different types of user setups, access to specific features, and hardware configurations.

Verify Configurations

The expected testing outcomes will validate the configuration setup required to meet the desired outcomes.

Reach Customers

Ensure customers get a consistent experience across devices, operating systems, databases, and browser configurations.

Peak Performance

Identify issues that could impact the functionality or performance of the software before they reach end users.

Ensure universal compatibility

Verify functionality and good UX across a global network of consumers and merchants with various device, O/S, and configuration preferences.

Streamlined test cases

We capture the test details for user platforms, covering specific devices when we build out the test run, and annotate details in the test case. Swoop in with exploratory testing to cover edge cases.

Strategic automated fallback

Automation errors get validated and reproduced also manually. This ensures high actionability of issues typically not achieved in regular automation testing setups.

Actionable feedback

Receive actionable feedback, which includes detailed notes, a rundown of O/S, configs, devices used, screenshots, and recordings so you can quickly address issues.

Extensive device coverage

Deploy manual and automated tests to a combination of racked and in-the-wild devices by leveraging Testlio’s access to more than 1,200 real devices.

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