Seamless Integration Across Your DevOps Toolchain

Testlio’s extensible platform and pre-built integrations ensure testing enables the speed, efficiency, and traceability demanded of modern software engineering teams.

Task Management

Unleash collaboration on software quality

The Testlio Platform continuously pulls issue updates to ensure testing priorities stay aligned with product updates. Actionable evidence and reproduction insights from the Testlio Platform are automatically appended to the issue record for closed loop feedback and expedited time-to-resolution

Test Management

Testing that fosters unified test management and reporting

Test plans are automatically populated within the Testlio Platform ensuring a single system of record for maintaining up-to-date test cases and tracking overall quality assurance coverage. Test cases are updated with pass/fail results from test execution runs for unified reporting and traceability.

CI / CD Plugins

Continuous delivery meets comprehensive testing

Trigger both automated and burstable manual test runs from within continuous deployment pipelines for increased speed on software delivery while maintaining testing coverage options.

Test Automation

Test automation that is built to last

Automated test results across public and private runtimes are captured by the Testlio Platform for a seamless transition to end-to-end run management including on-demand test fail triage, script maintenance, and fallback to manual testing.


Keep product quality top of mind

Configure the Testlio Platform to automatically notify stakeholder groups with real-time updates to critical test run milestones and results so product quality insights don’t get missed.

App Performance

Turn performance metrics into product quality insights

Product quality issues identified by performance monitoring and crash reporting are submitted to the Testlio Platform along with session data for issue validation and end user impact analysis.

App Marketplaces

Don’t miss the signals your users are sending you

Analyze product reviews and end user sentiment trends from within the Testlio Platform to gain insights into product quality and to serve as an early warning signal of systemic product quality issues.