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Enhancing the world of software testing

She elevated Software Testing to a whole new level — Meet Kristel Kruustük and her Testlions…


Tech Talks: Kristel Kruustük

Meet Kristel Kruustük, a one-time software tester who is leading innovative tech company Testlio into uncharted waters.


Living With My First Employee for 2 Weeks Taught Me Everything About Recruiting

This entrepreneur couldn’t fly out to meet a prospective hire, so she invited him for a two-week visit.


How Testlio Brought Crowd Testing to IoT

Testing is among the most difficult challenges for IoT solutions. With that in mind, Testlio has moved testing to the masses to keep up with the complexity of IoT.

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How Testlio is Providing On-Demand QA

Tech Blow Writer podcast with our CEO Kristel on how she started and scaled Testlio.


How a 27-Year-Old Tester from Estonia Is Tackling a $3.5 Trillion Industry

Kristel Kruustük was just 23 when she decided to change how quality assurance (QA) testers were treated.


Testlio raises $6.25M to expand its testing-as-a-service empire

Mobile testing startup Testlio today announced it raised a $6.25 million round of funding led by Altos Ventures and Vertex Ventures. The company is aiming to make it easy to do QA…


Kristel Kruustük, a cofounder of Testlio: testing is my passion

Testlio’s present goal is to become a world leader in mobile apps testing. “Currently we are more of a high end and a high touch product. As this business mod…


ShEO: Kristel Kruustük, Founder of Testlio

Kristel Kruustük was just 23 when she became disillusioned by how QA testers were treated. She came up with the idea of building a platform that would appreciate the work…

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Business Showcase: Testlio

Testlio connects enterprises with the best global community of testers to provide amazing customer experiences.