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eCatholic Video Case Study

eCatholic receives expert testing feedback while resting on weekends with Testlio

16 device

OS combinations covered

15 expert


2 releases

every month without delays

Jason Jaynes, COO of eCatholic, shares a bit about eCatholic, their approach to software development and testing, and their partnership with Testlio.

Testing areas

Regression, payments


Business software


Mid-size startup


My name is Jason Jaynes, and I’m the COO of eCatholic.

eCatholic is one of the largest web hosting providers for the Catholic Church in the United States. We deliver a wide range of technology, from websites to payments to live-streaming. At eCatholic, we apply a sprint methodology for building our software. We typically operate on a two-week sprint cadence. We release software once a month into our production environment. We’re very happy with Testlio and everything that they’ve been able to do for us.

eCatholic uses Testlio to complement our own internal testing with a monthly regression test — this is an extremely in-depth regression test that Testlio executes against any release candidates that we have before we release those candidates into our production environment.
From time to time, we also have functional testing that we’re able to leverage the Testlio team to execute.

We get three benefits from working with Testlio.

First of all, we get a deep, deep roster of individual testers who can work with us to test our product — with lots of test experience that we couldn’t source in-house on our own.

Second of all, we get our ability to maintain our release cadence and our speed. They were able to test when we were either not working or asleep or over the weekend. Being able to leverage Testlio to do testing over the weekend is extremely important to us as it allows us to not waste any cycles and still maintain our monthly release cadence.

Third, we get confidence. The Testlio team brings a ton of experience to the table, and we know that when our test regression is getting executed, the issues that exist will be found.

The one fun or unique thing that I would share about myself is that I’m an avid recreational cyclist. Most of that riding has been out in the Texas countryside and I’ve enjoyed both the friendship of the people who ride with me and just being out in nature.

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